Electoral College desperately needs an overhaul

Dear Editor:

Absent the election of Donald Trump by a majority of voters, his undeserved ascension to the presidency of the United States of America has uncovered, more than any other presidential election, the many disappointing and regrettable deficiencies in the American electoral/political system.
Nonexistent due diligence by the political parties and/or political convenience in the process of selecting candidates was made evident in the person of Donald Trump. Never before has a political party chosen a candidate that openly exhibited in every conceivable way his lack of moral, intellectual and ethical stature to occupy the most important office on the planet.
Proper vetting of possible candidates by the political parties before the primaries is fundamental lest an unqualified individual, as in the present case, is foisted upon the voters or groups of voters, many of whom will choose the candidate that speaks to their perceived individual likes and dislikes without consideration for what’s good for the entire country. This begs the question: is the American voter sufficiently educated to choose the most right candidate?
The Electoral College is a process, not a place, established in the Constitution by the founding fathers as a compromise between election of the president by a vote in Congress and election of the president by a popular vote of qualified citizens.
The Electoral College system needs to be revisited – in a democracy nothing should supplant the will of the people. Donald Trump did not win because he received a majority of votes, in actuality he got three million less votes than the losing candidate. Strictly speaking he lost the election, yet thanks to an obsolete Electoral College system as it stands today, we the citizens of this country are having to suffer an embarrassing, incompetent, and dysfunctional White House created by an unstable individual ill-suited for the job.
Particularly perplexing in this comedy of errors on the one hand is the unsustainable defense of Donald Trump wielded by some voters who would urgently punish, to the full extent of the law, any other man who would grope a family member in her private parts–daughter, wife–and on the other, a U. S. Congress playing partisan politics at a very perilous juncture in the history of the country. There is nothing to indicate that this administration will not descend further into a hole, dragging us all into its depths. It is now too late–Donald Trump has been sworn in as president.
Donald Trump’s followers insist on giving him a chance to do what he offered during the campaign. I shiver to think of the consequences of giving him a chance to implement his thoughtless and improvised policies and to surround himself with individuals proven to be unqualified who will always agree with him, gradually destroying the country that we love. In just one month’s time, we have seen the debacle created by an unfit president.
There are many lessons to be learned here, and it is up to the people to lobby their elected officials at all levels of government to develop a method designed to overhaul the electoral system and for the intellectuals, legal scholars, academics, historians, sociologists, political scientists, philosophers, politicians and other specialized minds, as well as the qualified rank and file, to come up with something better, worthy of millions of loyal American citizens that will prevent another Donald Trump in the future.

Emmett Campbell

Selective, filtered reporting offers the public false narrative

Dear Editor,

On Saturday Feb. 18, President Donald J. Trump spoke to a very large group in Melbourne, Florida, recapping the first weeks of his presidency, his promises to America and what they could expect in the immediate future. The mainstream media had its normal field day, in advance, during and after, with content selected, filtered, cut and paste to fit their anti-Trump agenda.
Example, the president was speaking about the need to make America a lot safer, and referred to Sweden’s problems with terrorism and reported about recent incidents on Friday. I believe he was referring to recent events as he was speaking on Friday.
Here is what the media is now sharing — pay attention to how they and the Swedish government work together to create the cover-up. The Swedish State Department and press secretary for the prime minister both are “awaiting clarification from the American President, as they have had no incidents of terrorism.”
You may want to read that again.
The only exception to this, which of course is the “whole truth and nothing but the truth” from our esteemed journalists stateside, is of course the terrorism that was reported in Sweden on Jan. 5, 2017. The group known as NMR was planning to bomb the Gothenburg Asylum and was linked to two other terrorist incidents. This report is from “SAPO,” the Swedish Intelligence Agency.
Question: if you and I can discover this why can’t the Swedish State Department and their prime minister?
Sweden admitted more refugees in 2016 than any other country in Europe. Here may be a concern to some of the 160,000 admitted last year: only 5,000 have found employment. All live in very nice quarters, with food and every other benefit known to man, at government (the people’s) expense.
Any discussion of this will get you labeled as a racist, Islamic homophobe. Sound familiar?
Is there any wisdom to be drawn from this? It could be that it may be best to do your own critical verifying, as most of what is pouring into your living room, is not the “whole story.”
Those that object to this reality are simply fans of fiction, which should not be part of the news cycle.

Bob Haunschild


Where are the demonstrations for equality?

Dear Editor,

Sixteen countries ban people because of their nationality/ethnicity/religion. They are Algeria, Bangladesh, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. None of these countries accepts Israeli passports because the holders are JEWS.
Six of the seven countries that Trump has listed in his executive immigration order ban Jews. Why are there demonstrations to allow Muslims into America when there are no demonstrations to allow Jews into 16 Muslim countries?

Bracha Sarah


Diamond Valley Lake dam at risk in large earthquake

Dear Editor,

While many think our [Diamond Valley Lake] dam in Hemet is safe because it is of recent design, we have a number of problems with it.
First, it was only designed to withstand an earthquake that could shake it up to 4 feet, but geophysicists have upgraded the threat from the San Jacinto fault to a possible 7.5, which can cause 30 feet in vertical shaking.
Second, during construction, multiple faults were found under it, and the valley was found not to be created by alluvial [deposits], as reported, but by rift, (geologic stress)—so much stress that the dam was redesigned to use inferior rock as the rock from the quarry was found to have been weakened thru stress.
Third, unlike the Oroville Dam spillway, our dam spillways are not built over bedrock, but aggregate and clay, and no such earthen dam has lasted more than a day when breached.
Fourth, by the report filed with the state, if the dam lasted four days, it would still flood most of Hemet, parts of San Jacinto, and all the way down to old Town Temecula.
How has Hemet benefitted from this MWD [Metropolitan Water District] Sword of Damocles hanging by a hair over its citizens and housing?—very little. MWD originally promised water skiing on the lake [and other body contact use], which would have brought new hotels and many tourist jobs, but this went by the wayside just like MWD’s promises of local employment in the construction of the dam. The only employment available was thru union halls in distant areas, for which one had to be a member, or join at great cost.

Michael Sanchez LS

P.S. I was the licensed surveyor in charge of the dam quarry during construction and now am a member of the Hemet Planning Commission.

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