San Jacinto’s Snow Berry juices it up healthy style

Photo by Debbie Vena/The Valley Chronicle
Hemet City Councilwoman Karlee Meyer looks on as a customer orders a sweet, cold treat at Snow Berry.

■ By Debbie Vena / Reporter

Fresh wheatgrass juice is rare to find in the valley but the San Jacinto Chamber recently gathered to welcome in a new member that grows it fresh and serves it up in single shots, or in a variety of blends on the Snow Berry menu. Mayor Scott Miller declared, “San Jacinto is open for business,” when discussing the economic climate at the February San Jacinto Chamber Mixer and was very clear that the city is progressively looking to work with all new businesses interested in developing jobs in our community.
Snow Berry is a unique start up, the first of possibly many even beyond San Jacinto, and Mayor Miller is looking forward to seeing the entrepreneur thrive. Snow Berry offers low sugar, all natural, tasty raw juice smoothies and ice creams such as their signature flavor Rose Chia, one of many sampled by chamber guests that evening.
Lynn Petersen was heard exclaiming “Wow, that is wonderful” when tasting one of the Snow Berry juice smoothies blended fresh as she stood at the counter. Peterson has been very active again, recently getting Community Builders of San Jacinto organized with their sponsors for the Annual 2017 Burger Bash coming up on Saturday, March 4.
Also spotted at the mixer was Hemet City Councilwoman Karlee Meyer, who was networking with San Jacinto business people, rubbing elbows in line, waiting together for a taste of one of Snow Berry’s delights. Timothy Kubo, director of general membership, was also running around helping people with chamber questions and taking photos of the festivities for posterity.

Photo by Debbie Vena/The Valley Chronicle
Snow Berry managers Merry Patel and Shivam Patel are excited to be part of the San Jacinto business community.

Ken Kidby was seen networking the room, talking about a recent board meeting regarding happenings with the H.O.P.E Collaborative non-profit project. The community got together to do what community does best, and a shining example happened that evening, when the group took care of a gentleman who needed medical attention. His friends noticed that his color was off, and while he insisted he was OK and wanted to stay for the ribbon cutting, Susan Watson of the chamber gracefully made sure that proper medical attention was called.
Health is the focus in all the Snow Berry menu items, even though it is served in a party-like atmosphere with an emphasis on deliciousness. Tasty, fresh and alive with nutrition. Most Snow Berry menu items are created with low or no added sugar. According to literature found on the counter regarding wheat grass, it is the juice from baby wheat plants.
“Wheat Grass Juice is life, energy and chlorophyll in a most potent and natural form. A great source of protein in the form of amino acids. It is abundant in vitamins A,C,E, calcium, magnesium and potassium, along with many other vitamins and minerals. It is ALIVE with enzymes when consumed organic, fresh and most importantly, raw.”
For detoxing benefits, most recommend wheatgrass be consumed on an empty stomach and we don’t have to love the taste to love what it does for us. However, fresh coconuts are also available along with apples, carrots, pineapple, cucumbers and more to blend into a multitude of tasty fresh juices in combination with additional nutritional boosters either off the menu or choosing your own one of a kind flavor combination.
Snow Berry is located at 1821 S. San Jacinto Ave., Unit E in the San Jacinto Walmart Supercenter between GameStop and the AT&T Store. It’s close enough to the Powerhouse gym to make it a regular part of your health routine or to meet with friends after class at Mount San Jacinto College just down the street. Stop in for the Happy Hour special, you won’t be sorry!

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