Measure U Oversight Committee deck seems stacked

A■ Galen Hammerle / Contributed
s we continue to get distracted with President Trump we should zoom out and focus in here at home.
The problems in Hemet did not arise out of nowhere, they arose due to the citizens of Hemet not watching what the local government is doing. The Hemet-San Jacinto Action Group has been influencing policy since 1987, and now they seem to be in control of the government of Hemet. The city gives great concessions to the “Sphere of Influence,” which seems to be more like a Spear of Control. The leaders of the sales tax initiatives and those that benefit most are not even subject to the tax.
The committee has been selected, let’s look at some of the chosen few:
A prominent business owner who lobbied hard for the tax and was duly rewarded with multiple contracts exceeding $150,000 in the weeks following the election. Perhaps for the next two years, contracts should not be directed toward his business.
Two Hemet retirees, whose combined annual retirement is greater than $200,000. The taxpayers bought one of these retirees a $2,000 refrigerator on the way out the door before collecting an estimated $1 million since retiring in 2005. The listed retirement paid in 2015 is 33 percent greater than the median salary for the same position in today’s private sector.
How could the City Council not look at these appointees as having, at a minimum, the perception of a conflict of interest? Who is really running Hemet? As the current plan is to strictly follow the plans outlined by the police and fire chiefs, this would have been an opportunity to appoint individuals to the committee that cannot be viewed through skeptical lenses so easily. The committee is dominated by the same crowd that has controlled or participated in the political direction and outcome of the Hemet government. Some say the tax would not have passed without an oversight committee due to the public’s lack of trust in the City Council. Yet the City Council proves they should not be trusted by the appointments they just made.
I know President Trump is a great distraction whether you love him or hate him. Please do not allow this to become such a distraction as to let more of our hard-earned money get wasted by the Hemet Ruling Class.

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