Bulldogs deal with lacrosse growing pains

Hemet’s lacrosse boys lost to Linfield Christian Academy 11-1 on Saturday, but coaches are optimistic about the team’s future

■ Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

Whoever said “winning isn’t everything” was right. Sometimes just sticking it out and enduring to the end is all that matters as Hemet High learned on Saturday. That’s when the Linfield Christian Academy sent their Lions to shake their lacrosse sticks at the Bulldog boys.
From the get-go, the Lions showed the Bulldogs that they don’t mess around; Linfield took the first four goals of the game in the first quarter, then added a fifth in the second quarter. The Lions then throttled ahead in the third quarter with four more, and topped off their day with two more, all before Jakob Goennier scored the Bulldogs’ first (and only) goal of this game. But despite an 11-1 loss, Goennier sure made Hemet fans feel like they saw a win.
Defensive Coach Robert Maloney cites growing pains as a contributing factor in this first game of what is only his Bulldogs’ second season:
“We are basically a brand new program, so the fact that we got ‘punched in the mouth’ each quarter… I’m proud of how the guys recovered,” said Maloney.
Maloney defines winning not by the final count on the board but rather how the teams endure: “What makes a team is that they’re there for each other ‘till the end. We don’t quit… That’s what the season’s about.”
The Bulldogs are heading to Murrieta Valley High on Monday after school, so if you can get away for a bit… The Bulldogs will appreciate it. Either way, Hemet better be ready to shake their sticks at the Blackhawks.

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Despite losing 11-1, the Bulldogs stuck together and are ready to shake their sticks at all who oppose them this season.

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