Why I think politicians stink

Photo courtesy of Rusty Strait
Rusty Strait.

■ Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter

I am an American citizen and I also have opinions. I hope this one causes someone to think. I think politicians all around the world stink, and here are some reasons why:
1. They usually are so busy getting re-elected or holding dictatorial power that they forget about the folks like us who elected them in the first place.
2. They spend much of their time telling us how to live our lives; what we can do; what we can’t do and what we’ll be arrested and jailed for if it doesn’t fit their idea of freedom.
3. They start wars that impoverish millions of people, kill off populations and leave the earth in devastated and unhealthy conditions.
4. They enslave and torture the people they hate, resent or are jealous of.
5. They restrict our travel — which should be the right of every living person on earth with good will toward one another.
6. They deprive us of an interchange of ideas and cultures.
All of these things are the work of politicians in one form or another and I hope no one will ever forget that. We the people should be free to walk all over our God-given earth without fear or discrimination. Politicians prevent that. That’s why I think politicians, around the globe, stink.


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