Measure U, the Oversight Committee and the Same Old Story

Dear Editor:

Mayor Linda Krupa and the City Council have assembled a Measure U General Fund Oversight Committee devoid of any ethical constraints. Most of the Committee members owe allegiance to one another but not to the public that they supposedly represent since they go way back building a close relationship that is mutually beneficial to all in that group. Ultimately, this is a close-knit cluster of individuals looking out for their interests. Whatever is good for one member, necessarily has to be good for all in the group. It’s the same old story, those in power almost always forget their reason to be, no matter how much they try to camouflage their real motives with populist exhibitions and self-righteous indignation.
Before the vote on the Measure, the electorate was warned by various sources of the dangers of voting in favor of a 1% sales tax, the proceeds of which are to be deposited in a General Fund and used solely for public safety. Much was said and written that a General Fund cannot be assigned to one specific purpose but rather can be used for whatever the City Council deems necessary. In order to guarantee that the funds would be used exclusively for public safety, the idea of an Oversight Committee was proposed to be made up of qualified ordinary citizens with no ties to the City Council or any private business or individual, whether or not they were in favor of the Measure.
As it turns out, one member of the Oversight Committee in favor of Measure U owns a Ford automobile dealership in Hemet. The city has published an Invitation for Bid for a Ford 2017 F-450 Sprayer Truck with a price tag of around $73,000. Is this money to be taken from the General Fund? This dealership will undoubtedly provide the best terms and conditions and get the order just like other vehicles that have already been purchased from this supplier. As for other members of the Oversight Committee, it can be said that their “well off” financial position will make for a majority when the time comes for voting on what the 1% tax money is spent on. As said before, it’s the same old story, so transparent and vulgar that not even the certainty of a conflict of interest influenced the process of selecting the members.
Any one member that dissents will give the appearance of independent objectivity but in the end will not matter because the majority is already in sync and the fund will be used for everything including public safety. There’s nothing new here because it’s the same old story of the corrupt getting away with their dishonesty and lack of ethics in the name of personal gain.

Emmett Campbell

No member of the Measure U Oversight Committee dominates me!

Dear Editor,

As a progressive Democrat, known to be outspoken, and claimed by my family to be the Jonathan Livingston of the elevator industry (having been the first in many categories within that industry), I find the recent letter to the Editor by Galen Hammerle to be at best amusing, at worst a serious insult.
No member of the Measure U Oversight Committee dominates me! The idea that the Hemet City Council by electing the seven members of the Measure U Oversight Committee proves that they cannot be trusted is not only ridiculous, but demeaning to both the City Council and to us.
I worked hard to save our Fire Dept. four years ago and last year to get the revenue our police and fire depts. need to safeguard our community. I look forward to working with my fellow members of our Measure U Oversight Committee to insure the tax receipts are spent as the public wishes them to be.

Marie McDonald


Response to “Women Armed and Ready” article

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Women Armed and Ready we thank you for the positive article you wrote about our event last Friday night. We believe we are making a difference in the lives of women and their families and we can only do this with business and community support. You have a true gift in what you do for this valley. Glad you are now part of the Women Armed and Ready family,

Kathy Hakala
Vice President Women Armed and Ready
Hemet – San Jacinto Valley

Response to “Women Armed and Ready” article – II

Dear Editor,

Again, you have written a great article on Women, Armed and Ready. I am a lifetime member of the NRA and would like more information on this group of women, AND will go to the police department soon to get my concealed weapon permit.

Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job on this subject.


Carrol Argyle

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