Verify sources before making claims

Dear Editor:

In Bob Haunschild’s Feb. 16 letter to the editor, he alleges that Barack Obama is the leader of the large-scale protest movement against the Trump regime while in the Feb. 23 letter he asserts that Trump’s remarks indicating a significant terrorist event in Sweden is well-founded. My understanding, based upon sources such as the New York Times, Cincinnati Enquirer, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and to a lesser degree FOX and MSNBC, is that (1) Obama has had little involvement in politics since he left the Whitehouse and (2) Sweden has been wrestling with ingesting the influx of immigrants but had no serious occurrences.
The reason for the large discrepancy between Haunschild’s understandings and mine seem to be largely due to the significantly different news sources we rely upon. I rely upon newspapers with long, proud histories and traditions of excellence and truthfulness, which fess up to any misstatements, and appropriately identify material that is from unnamed sources, but which have a history of following the scent of something gone awry, such as Watergate, Iran-Contra, and roots of the starting of the Cheney-Bush Iraq war. They are staffed by well-trained professionals whose reputation and livelihood depends on maintaining the reputation of their employer.
On the other hand, the sources Haunschild listed include none of the most heralded papers of radio/TV sources I mentioned but were Internet sites and one newspaper. I did a perfunctory review of these, using credibility-checking websites like Snopes and I found adverse credibility comments against each of the websites Haunschild listed in his Feb. 16 letter. While this quick search for credibility assessments doesn’t conclusively prove anything, in the era of ‘fake news’ I hope it highlights the importance of getting real information from sources with proven credibility.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Bob Burns, Hemet

Hemet needs high-end shopping and eateries

Dear Editor,

Every time I read The Valley Chronicle I am drawn firstly to the very glaringly and shocking crime stories, which are numerous and most informative and always rate page one on your epistles. Secondly, I am attracted to the letters ordinary folk write to your paper which, nine out of 10 times are largely negative on Hemet and its so-called achievements. Then I have to laugh at the self-laudatory remarks regarding articles in your Business section, such as “Positive perspectives from the valley retailers.”
What positive perspectives? Everywhere I drive outside of Hemet I see huge numbers of automobiles with Hemet license plates on them. People are taking their business elsewhere and one key reason is the total absence of any decent high-end eateries anywhere in that city unless you think Denny’s and no-name sandwich shops and your single alleged success story of the Deli on Harvard street rate as big deals.
No. Hemet died when big name restaurants cleared out such as Millie’s (no advance notice given), Acapulco, Marie Callendar’s, Coco’s (which still stands vacant at the busiest intersection in all of Hemet, Sanderson and Florida). What on earth are you talking about? A coat factory and WalMart are supposed to be big deals on your radar?
The never-ending construction of the Hemet Mall tells me a different story. I personally believe it, too, has its days numbered and I disagree that JC Penney won’t be moving out. Sears is jettisoning all its Kenmore and related items and its days are numbered since all that will be left will be another glorified “Dollar Store,” which is now what dots the landscape of your once great city.
Personally, I’m getting the hell out first chance I get, but am stuck here for the time being because of circumstances. And when I get hungry, I do 99 percent of my shopping in Sun City, Menifee and Temecula, which all sport high end eateries, unlike your beloved Hemet, which rates an “F” on its report card.

Larry King, Hemet

New City Council building out of the downtown

Dear Editor,

The Valley Chronicle keeps us informed, so informed that we now know that the Imperial
Wizards and Wizardesses of the Supreme City Council of Hemet think they will get a NEW
City Council building out of the downtown Redevelopment plan.
They can’t pay the city bills now and they think they deserve a new building. OK, I’m
volunteering to help; I can source the new Herman Miller Aeron chairs with solid mahogany
frames and 24 Karat gold mesh seats and backs, eliminating that cheap plastic junk. Of course
they will need the finest Italian marble floors and walls so the peasants who voted them into
office will have a stunning place to visit. And, solid gold toilets and fixtures, none of that cheap
gold plated stuff that Trump has.
And if you think this is not possible, they conned you into Measure U, so getting another tax
hike to pay for all the unfunded liabilities and new construction will be a breeze. There is one
born every minute and they vote in City Council elections.

Bracha Sarah

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