Panthers defeat Titans with stealth

Perris High sent their varsity volleyball boys to defeat Tahquitz, and did so 3-0

Photos by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Tahquitz, in green, tried to serve a defeat to Perris, also in green, but didn’t succeed last Thursday.

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

Kermit the Frog always says it ain’t easy being green. For Tahquitz High School’s varsity boys, it really wasn’t easy being green last Thursday… because their competitors from Perris High wore green too! One really had to watch this match closely, just to avoid mixing up the uniforms.
The Panthers got off to the better start, taking the first point of the match and winning the first game by a spread of eight points, 25-17.
Tahquitz tried to get back into the match in the second game, working to match the Panthers’ every step. But the Panthers were onto them, it seemed, because they toughened up and gave the Titans a run through this game as well, finishing ahead 25-19.

Tahquitz takes a timeout in an effort to hold off a Panther barrage.

The Panthers once again drew first blood in game three, but this time followed by the Titans. The two teams appeared to be in a dead heat early on, before Perris once again blasted ahead. The Panthers’ stealth gameplay meant they took this game 25-9, and the match 3-0.
Coach Greg Friestad says his team’s inexperience this early in the season did them in this time: “They got in the groove with jump serves, off-speed/pace serves… We’re just not used to that. We’re out of system, and when we’re out of system we become predictable. And then they get the ball back easily.”
That’s not to say Friestad doesn’t have faith in his Titans. He does: “Cody (Ferrel) did a nice job. He did a nice job keeping the ball in play… We just have to have some belief in ourselves, and we just have to keep working.”
But the Titans better shake off this loss, as they prepare to pop on over to Menifee to take on the Paloma Valley Wildcats this afternoon. The schedule says 4:45, but go at 4 p.m., just in case. This game sometimes goes really, really fast.
Perris does have the older and more experienced program, and their experience showed here today. But Tahquitz have shown in their short 10 years that they can cope with other schools hogging their space, even green copycats.

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