LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – March 16, 2017

Hemet Lanes

Dear Editor,

Reading the articles about Code Enforcement v. AMF Hemet Lanes was very disturbing. I watch movies showing the great adventures families had driving Route 66. I was born after the highway system was already constructed and did not get to have one of these adventures. My family went from San Diego to San Antonio in the mid-1980s along Interstate 8 and then Interstate 10. In 2006 Disney’s “Cars” portrayed Small Town America being bypassed by travelers interested in the destination and not the journey.
Last year I traveled to Sioux Falls, Iowa, and while there I took the opportunity to drive to Sioux City about 90 miles away. During the drive I saw a multitude of the standard strip mall layouts. Earth tone buildings containing standard stores like Olive Garden and Best Buy. It is no wonder that family road trips appear to be declining. Destinations like the Grand Canyon remain great but the journey is a monotony of earth tone retail centers.
When I first explored Hemet after purchasing my home I saw the Harvard Street area and like many thought “This could be great.” Was this thought because of bland boxes painted with earth tone colors? No. It was due to the interesting architecture that draws one in to see who is there and what do they offer. I believe Simon Chu sees this as well since he is highly invested in making Downtown Hemet a destination.
The City should get out of the business of telling businesses what their building should look like and get back to focusing on what really matters. The city is not a homeowners association and should not be run like one. Business owners and property owners should be able to decorate as they please.
If Hemet wants to be a destination, it needs to allow business owners to create excitement around their business and blending in is not the way to accomplish that initiative. To conclude I leave you with my 9-year-old daughter’s response in seeing the bowling alley.
“That looks fun and exciting we should go back there.”

Galen Hammerle
Hemet, CA

Does he really expect us to believe him?

Dear Editor,

Donald Trump spoke in front of the U.S. Congress for about an hour with a speech, replete with expressions typical of his true persona, a con man, a deceitful individual that is known far and wide as a manipulator of the truth, fabricator of facts and a consummate liar for which he received standing ovations. Disguising him to sound presidential does not change what he is.
Wishful thinking on the part of Trump’s supporters and all those naïve and gullible citizens wanting to believe that this man is up to the task, will not make it so. The sad truth is that Donald Trump cannot change the stripes that he has worn all his life now that he’s been awarded the Presidency of the United States by an obsolete Electoral College system.
During the political campaign, candidate Trump admitted outright his bigotry, sexism, xenophobia and materialism (no God in his life). He railed against international trade agreements and treaties signed by the U. S. Government and transformed his campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again” into a battle cry in the face of our strategic allies in Europe and the Pacific.
Once again, with the coaching of his advisors, Trump has pulled the wool over the eyes of most Republican members of Congress, some members of the press, and, of course, every citizen that voted for him that adopted a completely different and deeply disappointing and perverse set of metrics in the process of rating Donald Trump as a politician and human being.
The welfare of the nation is at stake here.
Donald Trump has elevated out of the deepest hole, the worst in people, much like the evil hand of Satan. Never before has the entire country been on the edge of despair like today. Never before have the races and ethnicities, classes and lifestyles been divided and pit against one another like today. When a President like Donald Trump irresponsibly makes an off-handed derisive statement against any one of these groups of people, those with the same ideas will play out the words with violence, feeling emboldened and immune to legal consequences.
Donald Trump has demonized every individual and institution that disagrees with him, knowing that at least half of the population will believe what he says without thinking and become his attack dogs, driving the country into civil confrontation. Recently, hate crimes on the increase have been experienced in every corner of the country attributable to the rhetoric against certain groups coming out of the White House.
In a softer tone to the Joint Session of Congress, Donald Trump, true to his real personality of a dishonest salesman, said what many wanted to hear because he knows that opposition will be at best short-lived by politicians that have eternalized themselves in Washington and want to keep it that way. Politicians that know that the uninformed electorate has a short memory and will re-elect them no matter what. Sad but true.

Emmett Campbell

Linda Krupa’s disgraceful behavior

Dear Editor,

Anybody with manners and proper upbringing will automatically condemn the reprehensible conduct of the City Council and more directly Mayor Krupa in the face of Mrs. Corinna Moreno-Ramirez, mother of a son who was shot and killed last November, when Mrs. Krupa virtually ordered her to shut up and sit down in a recent city council meeting.
Mrs. Moreno-Ramirez used her speaking time to reiterate her rightful demand that Hemet police find the criminal responsible for murdering her son. When her time was exhausted, a good hearted and understanding citizen in the audience who was also scheduled to speak offered to give up her time so that Mrs. Moreno-Ramirez could continue with her petition. Mrs. Krupa, without cause, denied this act of goodwill and ordered Mrs. Moreno-Ramirez to sit down.
What makes this arrogant and tyrannical conduct on the part of a public servant so pernicious is not only the above specific instance but also knowing that any of us could become the brunt of such malicious and cruel behavior from an obviously mean and hypocritical individual pretending to be a good person.
Plainly, Mrs. Krupa never learned the quality of human charity that everyone should possess and practice, in all walks of life, but especially if you are an elected official sworn to impart fair and unbiased treatment to all. Mr. Joe Males, another grieving father whose son was also murdered on the streets of Hemet spoke before Mrs. Moreno-Ramirez and was granted additional time that he used to beseech the City Council to do whatever is needed to attain closure of his son’s case.
It is highly doubtful that Mrs. Krupa feels any remorse for her behavior, but that she is deserving of admiration and deference on the part of the citizens that elected her to the City Council. Her words are one thing but her actions speak volumes about the true person that she is.
Mrs. Krupa owes a sincere public apology to the grieving Moreno-Ramirez family for her rude and unfeeling treatment and should publicly express her regret, promising to do better in the future. Additionally, she should assure the Moreno-Ramirez family and the Males family that she will personally supervise the police investigation of the killing of their family members and speedily bring the responsible person or persons in front of a judge to answer for their heinous crime.
Anything less will only confirm that Mrs. Krupa is not worthy of holding a position in government where humility in her interaction with the voting public is indispensable.

Emmett Campbell

Keep writing, Rusty

Dear Editor:

Thank you for printing the stories by Rusty Strait in The Valley Chronicle. They have been invariably enlightening, covering tidbits of local history, persons of interest and in general a colorful addition to local news.
Now to his recent column titled “Why I Think Politicians Stink.” I agree they spend way too much time, effort and energy getting reelected. Yes, they start useless wars, devastate the earth, enslave, torture and kill innocent men women and children. Of course, these are the “other guys’ politicians. Our politicians may be bad but they are nowhere near as bad as the “other guys.”
Yes they restrict our travel, limit our free exchange of ideas and speech. Problem is, gee whiz, we as a society need some parts of those things. Fortunately, Thomas Jefferson and his friends created a Constitution for their new nation of former British colonies. Would we rather have a ruler like a king or an emperor or dictator who would simplify our lives and make the “correct” decisions for all of society (think North Korea)?
But Rusty got it right when he stated we the people should be able to walk all over this planet without fear or discrimination. Some imaginary line on the ground or in the middle of some river, which on a map separates a blue space from a yellow space needn’t prevent that. We are all just human beings dropped without choice, into some place our parents chose to be or were required to be.
The reality is, I suspect, in the grand scheme of things, that politicians, police and other public servants are pretty much like the rest of us, some really nasty folks, some really tremendous, caring individuals, and a lot of us in that gray area, the “great in between.” Keep writing, Rusty.

Russell Jacobs, Hemet

Trump’s Address to Congress

Dear Editor,

President Trump (yes the candidate duly elected and inaugurated) addressed a joint session of Congress last night. The Leftists/Democrats that refuse to accept this and refused to applaud was a display of disrespectfulness as well as poor losers. Democrats, get over your loss of the election and get to work with President Trump for the betterment of America. Which by the way YOU were elected to do.
President Trump invited God back into America. This was spoken by him when he asked God to bless America and its people.
It is time, PAST time, that we Christian Americans take back and show our beliefs. ACLU, non-Christians be pushed aside. Time to open the gate and allow God back in. Time to close the gate on non-Christians entering. Time to tell teachers that the Pledge of Allegiance WILL be said each day. Time to allow prayer in schools. Time to allow displays of the Nativity, Cross and other Christian symbols on private and public property. To those that object to OUR practices, the gate is still open for you to leave. In fact, if you are not here to assimilate into American society and America’s beliefs and to adopt America as your country, then it IS time for you to leave.
To those people who have immigrated here that continue to dress in the same way as in their country of origin, build their own places to worship a different god/idol, refuse to pledge their allegiance to America, are not and never will become American citizens. The Infidels are here to destroy America and take over killing all non-believers in their god and their way of life. Others are here for the freebies they get.
Time to wake up America!!!! Time to drain the Swamp in Washington D.C. As well as its non-citizens who wish to destroy us.

Nancy Eller

Hemet needs decent places to eat, not more fast food

Dear Editor,

I agree 100% with Larry King’s March 9 Letter to the Editor regarding the lack of nice restaurants and high-end stores in Hemet to shop in. We have friends that live in Temecula and we see them every month or so to get together for dinner. We take turns in treating each other and needless to say, we always go to nice restaurants in Temecula since there are many. When it is our turn, we really have no choices except Applebee’s or D’Atillos. It has come to the point that we meet them in Temecula and enjoy their company there because Hemet is lacking decent places to eat. Why is Hemet approving all of the Dollar Stores and more fast food restaurants, i.e. Popeye’s? Can’t we even attract a decent place to eat?
It’s nice that we have the new Sprouts and the new Burlington Coat Factory, but now we have another empty store on State Street and Stetson Avenue. Why on earth can’t the city attract a nice department store in the Hemet Mall? Sears and J.C. Penny’s just don’t cut it. Both of these stores never have what a person is looking for as their stock is nil. Why do we have to go to the Temecula Mall to find a decent store? Yet, the city wants us to shop local and we can’t because there is nothing here.
On another note, I was under the impression that the so called “solar farm” on Sanderson and Acacia avenues was required by the City of Hemet to have landscaping put in last year. Why hasn’t this happened? It is a dreadful sight with all the trash, bare ground and weeds. In my opinion, a place is judged by curb appeal and this says a lot about a city when one drives by that place. When is the city going to make the owners comply? For starters, Oleanders and bougainvillea could at least be planted, which are both drought tolerant. This area must be cleaned up.
This city needs so much, but it seems all suggestions fall on deaf ears with our City Council members and administration. Let’s get our town to at least rate more than an “F” on its report card. I wonder if the City Council members ever read the Editorial Section of the Valley Chronicle!

Colleen Swinhart, Hemet

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