Mustangs run over Elsinore Tigers… twice!

West Valley’s softball team ended an eight-game losing streak Saturday, defeating Elsinore 21-0 in game one, and 12-2 in game two

Photo by Corey Evan
Alexis Crawford at bat for the Mustangs. West Valley beat Elsinore twice on Sunday.

■ Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

What’s a good team to do when they get into a losing streak? Pull out of it, of course! For West Valley’s Varsity Softball girls, Saturday was the perfect day to do just that as they took on Elsinore in a double header.
Game One
Alyssa Powell brought in the first run for the Mustangs, followed by Aliana Zavala with a second, both in the first inning. In the second inning, West valley picked up six more runs, including Adriana Rodriguez who took a walk to a run, and then Yvette Darensbourg stole home plate as she took advantage of a Tiger pitch gone bad.
Despite a quiet third inning, Elsinore just couldn’t cash in on it and the Mustangs took eight runs in the fourth. The girls in maroon took another four in the fifth inning, leaving the Tigers seeing red. And then Rodriguez brought in run number 21 for West Valley to clench a shutout win.
Game Two
Elsinore finally registered on the scoreboard in the first inning of the second game, as the afternoon sun baked the backs of their spectators. But not content to leave well enough alone, Jaedyn Forshaw, Serana Herbranson, Aliana Zavala and Briana Zavala got to work and made their rounds of the diamond in the same inning. Alexis Crawford chipped in another, along with Forshaw and Arlene Flores in the second. The Tigers managed a second run in the third, while the Mustangs didn’t. But their winning ways resumed in the fourth, with Crawford and Herbranson adding to the tally. In the fifth, Alyssa Beckers came out of the dugout and returned with a run, along with Rodriguez, and then one more from Herbranson in the final inning to finish 12-2.
Two games, two wins. And not a day too soon according to coach Rose Aiken: “We were coming off of an eight-game losing streak, and… I felt they weren’t playing for something.”
So what did Aiken use to motivate her girls? What better than their share of real estate!
“What they were playing for today was the right to play on their own field and the right to wear their own uniforms. They were about to go into JV uniforms and play on the JV field.”
That would’ve been harsh. But from the looks of it, Aiken’s little threat seems to have done the trick!
Let’s hope this starts a new winning streak, as the girls go to La Habra to take on Sonora High School tomorrow. Show those Zapatas what your horseshoes are made of, Mustangs!

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