2012 Infiniti M sedan is an impressive pre-owned car

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The 2012 Infiniti M sedan.

Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy,

Another reader came to me and said they liked the used car reviews and wanted to read more once in awhile.
I must say, one big advantage on being the Car Guy is the fact that I get to test drive many used cars, and sometimes it is difficult to give the keys back to the dealership. I recently had the pleasure of driving the 2012 Infiniti M sedan, and I really wanted to keep it! My thoughts about this car? The 2012 Infiniti M is a true super-sedan, delivers sharp handling, great performance, and impressive comfort, with a beautiful design inside and out.
Here are a few more facts about this car:
This beautiful pearl white 2012 Infiniti M sedan with a black interior is the luxury brand’s most powerful and luxurious four-door, and it takes aim at some of the finest sport sedans from Germany with subtle yet gorgeous looks, truly great handling and performance, and interior appointments that are just as plush as stodgy, comfort-oriented luxury sedans.
It’s very safe
When I drove down the highway and veered into the other lane, it warned me; when a vehicle stopped suddenly in front of me, it warned me; when I drove down Florida Avenue and the speed limit changed, it warned me. My daughter – my 17 year old daughter – said, “wow this would be a great first time car for someone!” Yeah, good try kiddo.
OK, more car talk.
The Infiniti M37 was completely redesigned in 2011, and it’s the most graceful, voluptuous Infiniti; I love that year’s style! Swelling fenders flow from the car’s grille, and flex from concave to convex surfaces along its shoulder, ending in an abbreviated, sloping trunk. Overall, it’s more expressive than just about everything in its class, even the ravishing Jaguar XF.
Inside, the M models opulently marry Japanese tradition and technology with wood trim, lots of leather and a special wood trim treated with silver dust. The center console sits up and out prominently, like a jewelry case, and wears buttons for audio and climate controls that sit beneath a large LCD screen that displays the outputs.
This awesome car is powered by a 330-horsepower, 3.7-liter engine that delivers neck-snapping responsiveness, accompanied by one of the more hellacious exhaust notes in a luxury car.
The engine is paired up with a seven-speed automatic transmission with a manual-shift mode, rev-matching, and paddle shifters. The transmission is happy to pound out quick, unobtrusive gear changes at your command when the automatic’s moved to manual mode. Just fun to drive…and I must say I love the new leather smell.
Come check it out for yourself…

Good driving
The Hemet Car Guy

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