Bulldog Swim Invitational 2017

Hemet High School invited 10 schools from across Southern California for its annual swim tournament

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Parents and peers cheered on their swimmers from poolside, as they tried to add their names to that leaderboard on the side of the HHS gym.

■ Corey Evan / Sports reporter

One of the first swimming moves a youngster learns is the dog paddle. But students pulled off much more advanced moves at Hemet High School’s annual Bulldog Swim Invitational. Ten schools were present, including cross-town rivals, desert swimmers, a few from the OC and a few from around San Diego. But this was no beach party of course; they were all hoping to get a head start on possible Olympic careers.
Parents, coaches and swimmers flooded the Bulldog Swim Center on March 25. At any time, estimates placed the occupancy of the Swim Center at more than 200 people. Talk about pushing the Fire Marshal’s buttons! Luckily, although the clouds crept in and out throughout the morning, conditions were just right for the meet.
According to Hemet JV Coach Jacquelyn Mora, attempts were made to add new names to their historic leader board: “We’re definitely gonna try and break some records this year. We’re pretty close; we’re only one or two seconds off for the boys, and three or four for the girls.”
Mora had a lot on her plate, including helping other coaches present and making sure the swimmers’ times were spot on!
Mora also wanted to recognize the efforts of her strongest swimmers: Kristin Wortman, Cody Jackson, Jack Wanta and Trevor Jicha.
Clearly, despite the unusually rainy SoCal winter, the locals have coped well.
“With the cold weather, we’ve had to cancel some practices because our heaters went down twice. And then morning practice was too cold,” Mora noted. “It’s been a bummer with the cold weather, but we’re definitely loving this warm weather.”
Good thing, since it gave maintenance time to kick-start the heat pumps!
Having won 11 of today’s events, Valhalla takes back to El Cajon a pair of trophies as well as the medals their swimmers’ parents are likely to display proudly in their trophy cases.
Hemet High would like to thank Fresh Cut Subs for sponsoring the Invitational, as well as for their product placement at the snack bar. Mora also thanks the parents who gave of their time to make this year’s event possible.
Hemet may not have come up trumps or shattered school records today, but to be able to win a few while giving accolades to those owed has to have been a humbling, experience.

Best times for swim events from Saturday’s meet:

Among the ladies:

• 200 Yard Medley Relay: Alta Loma, 2:06.20
• 200 Yard Freestyle: Breena DeLegge, Valhalla, 1:58.92
• 200 Yard IM: Katie Ratcliff, Valhalla, 2:28.18
• 50 Yard Freestyle: Katelyn Thomas, Heritage, 24.25
• 100 Yard Butterfly: Taylor Moultrie, Valhalla, 59.65
• 100 Yard Freestyle: Katelyn Thomas, Heritage, 53.20
• 500 Yard Freestyle: Taylor Moultrie, Valhalla, 5:22.46
• 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: Valhalla, 1:45.12
• 100 Yard Backstroke: Trinity Ishikawa, Valhalla, 1:01.04
• 100 Yard Breaststroke: Alyssa Serrano, Vista Murrieta, 1:14.84
• 400 Yard Freestyle Relay: Valhalla, 3:49.39

And among the guys:

• 200 Yard Medley Relay: Hemet, 1:46.29
• 200 Yard Freestyle: Elijah Henry, West Valley, 1:49.70
• 200 Yard IM: Wally Wefel, Vista Murrieta, 2:10.66
• 50 Yard Freestyle: Sennen Chow, Elsinore, 22.00
• 100 Yard Butterfly: Sam Luyen, Vista Murrieta, 58.96
• 100 Yard Freestyle: Sennen Chow, Elsinore, 49.10
• 500 Yard Freestyle: Trevor Jicha, Hemet, 5:05.61
• 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: Valhalla, 1:35.67
• 100 Yard Backstroke: Jake Munch, Valhalla, 55.36
• 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: Valhalla, 1:35.67
• 100 Yard Breaststroke: Jake Paulino, West Valley, 1:04.73
• 400 Yard Freestyle Relay: Valhalla, 3:27.74

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