LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – March 31, 2017

Former president creates shadow government in last days!

Dear Editor,

On Jan. 3, 2017, [former] Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed a new order that removes the NSA from being the ONLY agency to control data and makes secret intelligence information available to thousands in and amongst 16 additional agencies!
It will now be almost impossible to discover in this new shadow Government where the continuous leaks of confidential, surveillance information are coming from. The New York Times reports, “The Obama Administration expanded personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.”
This allows now for email, cell phone conversations, which cross domestic network switches, to be available to far more officials searching through raw data.
Information previously held by a handful of people is now disseminated via a clearinghouse, so good luck finding amongst the now thousands of potential culprits (ideological political opponents) exploding exponentially…where, and who is doing the nation harm?
This dangerous, reckless, self-serving act against the nation could have been triggered eight, four, or even two years ago, but no, let’s wait until the last 17 days!

Bob Haunschild

A PIG in a Tutu, is still a PIG

Dear Editor,

I went to the Florida Raised Median Project meeting on Monday. I was surprised by the arrogance of the Cal Trans people and the attitude of the Mayor about the cost to the city.
They wanted to listen to what we wanted and have taken that into consideration, however, we are going to get this pig whether we want it or not. People have been turning left despite the No Left Turn signs and DWI drivers who cross over the median and have “accidents.” Because of this, we have been selected to have this pig shoved down our throats. I was told by a Cal Trans woman that we will get used to it. I am thinking ‘like I will get used to shoes too small.’ CalTrans only said that we will get used to it. They did NOT say that we would like it.
CalTrans said they have to follow Federal guidelines. I spoke to a member of the water department and he said that they bring that out all the time, but it is not true. He has written exceptions that were accepted in regards to the guidelines mentioned.
I spoke to the mayor about the cost that the city would incur to have plants to water and take care of in the center median. She said there will be no cost to the city. She said the water would be free and the cost to maintain the median plants would be no more than it costs to maintain the street now. I smell a big stinking PIG. Yes the plumbing and the planting will be paid for by CalTrans. Maybe (?) they will pay for a short period of time the cost of maintaining it. Eventually the cost will be borne by us. Is the mayor uninformed or naïve, maybe the mayor is just acting that way. The man from the department of water said that the reclaimed water would not be free to the city. The department of public works budget is stretched according to the manager last September. The city manager did not want to discuss it with me at all. I cannot see how taking care of plants is less expensive than asphalt.
It does appear that this is a done deal and they just need to put the finishing touches on it to make it beautiful.
After all, a PIG in a Tutu looks better that a PIG.

Chuck Moore
Retired business owner

All this terror and we are fighting about health insurance? Give Trump a chance

Dear Editor,

All this uproar over remaking Obamacare. Prior to 2010, we didn’t have Obamacare. Then Obama introduced this/his plan. It didn’t and isn’t working; will someone tell the Democrats this? Trump is trying to revamp it, and in so doing he’s running into obstacle after obstacle.
Trump needs to issue an executive order to just abolish Obamacare and go back to prior 2010.
Before Obamacare, people with health insurance were known to have died in a medical facility ER waiting room while doctors were treating Medi-Cal/welfare patients. That’s insurance isn’t it? Have those people started working to pay for Obamacare or any other health insurance? Most likely not! Are they still being treated using Medi-Cal or some other free program? Yes! So why not just go back to prior 2010? Since when is the federal government licensed to sell/promote health insurance?
While terrorists are out there waiting to pounce on American soils… While we still have our armed forces fighting in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan… While immigrants are still flowing over our borders… While crime is still rampant… The government is worrying about health insurance.
Every “i” that is dotted; every “t” that is crossed; every blink of Trump’s eye continues to be protested. Get over it! President Trump deserves a chance.
Build our border walls. Bring our military back home to protect our own borders. Deport those that need and deserve to be deported. Crime rates will decrease. Jail spaces will open up. Pull the rug out from under the freeloaders. Then ask if a federal health insurance program is needed. Now that the healthcare bill is done for now, let’s get to more pressing issues.
That’s my story/theory and I’m sticking to it.

Nancy Eller

Political jealousy and stupidity–a product of today’s media

Dear Editor,

We should be united but we are not. There are those who complain to the point of aggravation. He is not my president, someone said, but who cares? The people have spoken and a decision was made, like it or not. Don’t tell me that this is worse than what we had because it is not. At least there is hope with what we’ve got so let’s give them a chance. We can always dump them in the next election.
I laugh every time I hear that she got the popular vote because if it’s true, then that majority did not want her in the White House.
Yes, he is impulsive, but he means well. At least he is really trying to protect us from whatever danger may come our way. Like what we have experienced in the past. The way I see it, if you can guarantee me that no one is going to be blown to pieces in our country then I will join you, but if you can’t, then kindly shut up.
Now you may say that this is against our freedom of religion. Well, maybe that’s true, but their religion has not stopped them from killing us and it never will. We believe in many of the things that are in our Constitution, but brother, things change and we must change with it or perish. The fact is that if the immigrants really care for our country they shouldn’t mind helping with our problem. I don’t believe that waiting a short while until we resolve our problem is too much to ask.
In reality, I don’t blame your way of thinking because you are the product of today’s media brainwash. They are the most important piece of the corruptive government we had and they are very good at what they do. I must add that if they continue with their anti-political establishment campaign they are taking a big chance because if by chance, someone makes a mistake, they will feel the power of the president of the United States.
Don’t be fooled by the noise the politicians are making after they lost their goose that lays the golden eggs for they are mad as hell.

Carlos Rivera

Not everyone can afford high-end eateries and clothing stores

Dear Editor:

First of all, I would like to say my whole family really likes your little paper. We love the puzzles and the Clergy Corner especially.
I would like to answer Mrs. Colleen Swinhart’s letter about Hemet needing more high-end places to eat and more high-end stores. There are a lot of people in Hemet and San Jacinto who do not have the kind of money she must have.
We are very thankful for stores like Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart; otherwise it would be very difficult for us to provide the things our families need. Most of my clothes come from thrift stores and rummage sales because I can’t afford the prices at J.C. Penney and Sears.
It’s a treat for us to be able to eat at McDonald’s or Wendy’s a couple of times a month, plus it gives me a break from cooking every night.
I’d like to tell Mrs. Swinhart to be grateful for what she has, but please don’t make it harder for those of us who don’t have.


Mrs. Willie Schneider

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