Proper skin hydration is key to good health, especially in warmer months

M■ Monica Golloian / Contributed
ost people mistake dehydrated skin for dry skin and understandably so. Both leave your skin feeling tight, flaky and itchy. But, dehydration specifically makes your skin appear dull and weathered, even if you regularly apply moisturizer, wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Factors attributing to dehydrated skin include low humidity, heavy sunlight, pollution and diet, just to name a few.
While everyone understands the importance of drinking at least eight glasses of water per day, we don’t talk quite as much about skin hydration as we should be. As water helps to flush out toxins, relieve fatigue and improve mood, hydrating your skin can enhance the appearance of your skin, giving you a youthful, healthier complexion.
As we shed our layers and get ready to enjoy the sun here in the Inland Empire area, below are a few reasons to hydrate your skin:

Anti-Aging. Dehydrated skin thins, wrinkles and breaks out more easily than hydrated skin. However, with proper hydration, you can fight the effects of aging on all fronts. Hydrated skin better maintains its elasticity, meaning you can delay and smooth out deep wrinkles. In addition, hydration fights the build-up of skin cells that trap acne-causing bacteria, helping you reduce blemishes and the pesky scars they leave behind.

Skin Brightening. That fresh, back from vacation look is closer than you think. Along with minimizing wrinkles, dryness and blemishes, keeping your skin hydrated gives you a noticeably brighter complexion. Drinking plenty of water is the first step to achieving bright skin, but hydrating products that are formulated to increase the water content in skin can quickly give you a plump, supple look.

Detoxification. Skin is our protective barrier against the toxic agents we encounter throughout the day, including pollution and pore-clogging beauty products. Not only does maintaining adequate skin hydration support the integrity of this protective barrier, it also helps detoxify the pollutants that inevitably make their way into skin pores.
Extending Your Tan. Whether you plan to soak up a bronze glow at the beach or in a salon, the hydration of your skin can have an enormous effect on the lifespan of your tan. That’s because when skin is dehydrated, it becomes rough and flaky, and it sheds sooner than it should. Never forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin, and the next time you make a trip to the beach or salon, be sure to incorporate a hydrating moisturizer afterwards to sustain your tan.
Knowing what you’re up against and the importance of keeping your skin hydrated is half the battle. As the warm weather approaches, be sure to wear sunscreen, drink water, regularly exfoliate, and apply hydrating toners, serums and masks.

Monica Golloian is district manager of iTAN Inland Empire. iTAN has a location at 2995 W. Florida Ave. Suite F-3, Hemet.

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