Destination – Barcelona

Photo by Matthew McPherson/The Valley Chronicle
It was a sold-out trip to Spain Saturday night at Destination Coffee Bar & Bistro’s dinner party.

■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter

Tonight I enjoyed another monthly trip to exotic and exciting stops on a worldwide tour being hosted by Patricia and Giovanna Yepremian at their well-appointed and cozy Destination Coffee Bar and Bistro. It may be coffee by day, but it is always stepping off the plane spot somewhere on the globe. Last month we enjoyed mouth-watering dishes inspired by Paris — this month it was Barcelona.
Although a chill hit the valley during the day — and by night it was darn right cold — inside the temperature, food and ambiance was down home warm.
Sangria was offered as we were seated at tables with several bottles of red and white wines from our port of disembarkment. The music was bullfight Spanish and as romantic as a Rudolph Valentino silent film, where actions were more important than words.
The four-course family style dinner began with Andalusian gazpacho soup and to cap a hearty feast, an assortment of desserts that included a rice pudding which garnered such expressions as “Olé!” and “Bravo!” from the diners.
Speaking of bravo — Linda Greilich, the undaunted “Señora” of California’s official outdoor play, “Ramona” — spiraled into the atmosphere singing an aria too complicated for me to remember the title. She could have reached planet X in outer space with her high notes.
Later in the evening Giovanna Yepremian inspired such romanticism with her rendition of “Bésame Mucho” that one was carried back to their salad days and first love excursions to hear the roar of the ocean or view the midnight skies pierced by shining stars.
This is the second of the Destination’s excursion into world history. I see a future of gondolas, coliseums and pantheons and much more as we board a plane to all points in all directions. I look forward to Athens and the Greek Isles on April 29.
If you like romance on the high seas and ports of call, this is your baby. For years Hemet has strived to bring back the reality of its Old Town. Could be, this is it. Just sayin’.

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