Titans stand up to Nevada’s challengers

Tahquitz defeated Yerington from Nevada, 12-2, as part of its 2017 Baseball Invitational

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
The Titans took a total of 12 runs this game, five in the second inning alone.

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

The best team in one state would be wise to train hard just in case out-of-state competitors drop by. Tahquitz did just that in preparation for Saturday afternoon’s game against Yerington High School from Yerington, Nevada. The game was part of an all-day Baseball and Softball Invitational hosted by Tahquitz High School. The Lions may have come across the state line dressed in royal purple, but they were left feeling like peasants after what went down.
The first inning was uneventful, as it often can be. But in the second inning, the hunter green Titans came alive, as Jahred Butler, Brendan Dixon, Clayton Ellis, Zachary Schwartz and Andrew Sheperd each made their rounds around the diamond. Third inning saw the Lions make a purple mark on the scorecard, but this didn’t faze the Titans.

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Caleb Shepard at bat. He chipped in a pair of runs this game.

Ellis and Schwartz each brought in runs in inning four, along with one brought in by designated hitter Brendan Castillo. Butler would chip in an additional run in the bottom of the fifth, before Yerington Steyr Brinkley brought in the second run to be taken across state line. But Shepard would add another run to the board, along with Caleb Farmer and Kyle Weatherby to end the inning and ensure this win stayed in California.
Coach Ron Savage was certainly pleased with his Titans’ prep-work: “They all solidly did what they were supposed to do at the plate, and we played defense well and Ellis threw well on the mound.”
The Titan boys are now 9-4 for the season, and looking to come up trumps in the Mountain Pass League as they are currently 3-2. Having just come off of a three-day run of multiple opponents, the boys can finally enjoy their spring break… That is, what’s left of it.

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