Cawston’s Got Talent 2017

Cawston Elementary School hosted its 13th annual talent show

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Teachers dance through the decades.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Every comedian, dancer, singer, acrobat and other performance artist that has ever lived had to start somewhere. Some of tomorrow’s performance artists got their start Thursday night at Cawston Elementary School’s 13th annual talent show, under the direction of choreographer Mrs. Anna Silos.
The event was hosted by student comedy duo Lilly Williams and Harlan Wetherholt. A standing-room only crowd filled the Comets’ multi-purpose room as rising stars took to the stage.
Comet staff members kicked off the show with a “Dance through the Decades,” performed by Silos, Kristine Farley, Laura Avants, Dana Strickler, Jody Helter, Mekel Bromley, Alyssa King, Christine Holsapple, Dustin Holsapple, Jessica Nunez, Michelle Sofranko, Laura Reller, Amanda Gardner, Colleen Flavin, Johnny Alvarez, Dave Miller, Roger Knoblock and Curt Walch. Who knew teachers had such moves in them?
Students took it from there, starting with Milani Peretore, who did her best Willow Smith. She whipped her hair – she whipped it back and forth.
Cynthia Gomez, via saxophone, expressed her intention to doodle all day with her rendition of “Polly Wolly Doodle.” By a show of hands, who hasn’t done that during class? Nobody? Thought so.
Abigail Rodriguez performed a “Shakespeare Song,” a classic go-to to round off an evening such as this.
Madison Addison and Lindsey Bullard did the Cha Cha Slide. And they did it well, too! Avalon Russel performed “Ode to Joy” on piano, which was joyful to behold. Diana Brassard activated the evening with her spirited gymnastics and dance moves, set to “Activate,” by Stellar Kart. A girl of faith, yea?
Kiley Long and Savannah Renter brought out their flutes to bring on sunset with “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.” But nobody fell asleep here, they did well! Hope Kline and Jazlene Hernandez got their swerve on to “Juju on the Beat,” and Jazlene’s dad even joined in! Now THAT’S a guy who genuinely took the time to be a great dad today…
Joelle Iorio and Layla Hasan brought out the gymnastics mat and flipped out to “U can’t touch this.” Thank you…”We Just Wanna Party.”
Nathan Reveles showed off his martial arts skills, and the audience can’t stop the feeling that they’re turning Japanese…Ellie Ballard, Tatum Whitfield, Connie Katacha and Haley Tallent did gymnastics with hula hoops, set to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” The audience had no bad blood for them, though.
Adyson Wedmore put on her poodle skirt and rocked out to “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’” by Ross Lynch and Grace Phipps. For a moment, it felt like we were in a teen beach movie…Aryanna Henderson wore a very sparkly outfit, as she moved to “Bang Bang Chu Chu.” She certainly shined tonight!
Layla Myres wore white as she danced to a thoroughly modern cover of “Here I Come.” ‘Layla’ certainly seems like a popular name these days… Eric Clapton, anyone?
Well, Clapton didn’t show here today. But that’s okay, as Samantha Mayfield, Maggie Parker, Samantha Valdez, Leilani Hensley, Ayanna Drew and Sarah Whiting grabbed a few top hats and showed they were really “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”
Priscilla Montes, Annalisa Montes and Sarah Whiting acted out a skit from Star Wars: One darth defeated another darth, only to be defeated by Princess Leia! May the force be with her…And Sean Salazar closed out this evening by showing off his “24 Karat Magic” act.
When asked which of the acts was her favorite, Silos responded with a very unbiased, “I can’t say; everybody did a good job!”
The Cawston Elementary talent show has been going every year of the school’s 13-year existence. So here’s to many more shows, and many more starlets getting their wings! Cheers.
One last note: Any Cawston students who have a comedy or magic act are encouraged to sign up next year, as the show did lack comedy and magician entries this year. Maybe the funny folks did a disappearing act… to the middle school.

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