LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – April 13, 2017

Use of illegal drugs in the United States

Dear Editor,

After reading in the Valley Chronicle last week, D. N. Stuefloten’s remarkable article about a recovering drug addict, I can’t help but reflect upon the millions of men, women and children in this country living in similar conditions.
Derived from the mass of information available compiled by many respectable sources, and widely made known, the use of illegal drugs in this country is a monumental problem of endemic proportions that cannot be resolved by placing the blame exclusively on the despicable traffickers of illicit drugs who, needless to say, are the scum of the earth but by coming to grips with the extremely complicated root causes of this evil practice commonly known as “using.”
Interdiction of the supply of drugs flowing into the United States from other countries in massive quantities and punishing everyone involved, no matter who they may be is crucial, but equally vital is the reduction in the demand for this poison that would eventually dry up supply
Much has been said by experts about the moral environment in which we live, structurally weakened by generations of Americans who have lost the values that made this country great and instead have consciously and in some cases unconsciously caused enormous fissures in the fabric of society that threaten our very survival as a nation.
In his article, Mr. Stuefloten writes: “America is full of food junkies, little old ladies with Valium habits, “social” drinkers smashing up cars and lives, athletes burning steroids – whole families who can’t go to bed without a sleeping pill. Legal habits, illegal ones. Broken homes, dysfunctional families, abused children, latch-key kids, homeless people, an entire culture wobbling and fracturing.” He goes on to say: “The junkie is just another sign of the times, along with gridlocked freeways, Wall Street greed, poisonous air, pollutants creeping into our lives via our air, our food, our water, dreams of a better life lying shattered on our acres of asphalt like light bulbs. Gone, all gone.”
Rehabilitating millions of addicts in the United States will take a long time but fortunately work on this critical task has been taking place throughout the country producing excellent results. It seems however, that unless the full involvement of every parent, teacher, employer, police officer, religious leader, government agencies and massive funds from government at all levels are deployed against the scourge of drug addiction, the future of the country that we all want for our children and their children will be lost.

May God help America find the way.

Emmett Campbell, Hemet

$67 million should be spent on jails

Dear Editor,

All of the homeless were removed from Weston Park Friday so “dignitaries” could tell us that violence and crime are going to be driven out of Hemet. Really? Violent people who are going to bash their wife or shoot their neighbor are not going to be deterred by the information that 22 more cops are being hired, or 100 cops or 300 for that matter. Irrational or drugged or drunk people who are determined to be violent will not be stopped by more cops. They may very well be caught and charged and bailed out but they will have no additional fear of more cops in town to stop their violence, no more fear of being in jail.
Adding more cops to catch more criminals will not bring down crime in Hemet. A Hemet officer just arrested a person caught shoplifting who had an outstanding warrant. The person was taken to the Hemet jail and released. Crime is a JOKE because Jerry Brown and his liberal crazies have brought in AB109 and Propositions 57 and 47 and crooks look at the chance they will spend time in jail and laugh.
Ear to mouth at the first Measure E meeting, Dave Brown said that he will reduce crime in Hemet by arresting the same people over and over and over until they leave town. So policing is now “chasing” people to another city, not “reducing crime” and those people will just come back. Hemet could spend the proposed $67 million dollars to build a new jail, keep violent and dishonest people behind bars, but instead it will just be money for full employment of cops who will find something to do to keep their job listed as necessary. You were suckered and you are still being suckered.

Bracha Sarah Meyerowitcz

Why are we being strong armed into paying more gas tax?

Dear Editor,

Okay fellow Californians! Governor Choo-Choo (AKA Jerry Brown) has to go NOW! He all but ruined California the first time he was governor and he is well on his way to completing the job he started then.
I certainly do not remember voting for his Choo-Choo but maybe I was living in Illinois if/when it was on any ballot.
To raise gasoline taxes is just ludicrous. We pay more for gas now than New York City. Even Fairbanks, Alaska. All due to the excessive amount of gasoline taxes.
In Oklahoma City and Memphis, Tennessee, gas is below $2 a gallon. Yet we see an increase when we have to convert to winter blend and again to summer blend. Excuse me, but does California have that much variance in temperature to warrant mandating these “blends?”
Does Governor Choo-Choo and his cronies, called the state’s legislators, plan on raising the gas taxes on their own or do we get a say? I’d like the opportunity to vote for or against this increase. To just raise taxes without our consent is taxation without representation. Or is that now legal?
If we wait much longer to repair the roads and bridges, there won’t be anything left to repair. And we’d have to start from scratch.
It’s time for all Californians to wake up and remove the current governor from office.

Nancy Eller

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