Tiger baseball feels the squeeze

Citrus Hill High School’s baseball team defeated San Jacinto last Thursday, 9-3

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Diego Correa goes up to bat, after Garrett Geboy suffers a strikeout. On deck, Dylan Guerrero. San Jacinto lost to Citrus Hill last Thursday 9-3.

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

Baseball season is on! And as San Jacinto High School’s batters took on Citrus Hill, one could tell their competition was ready to tear up the Tigers’ baseball diamond.
The visiting Hawks made it clear they were NOT messing around, as in the first inning they drew first blood. The Tigers, however, struggled to get their footing by inning’s end.
After a very quiet second inning the Hawks brought in a second run, followed quickly by a third… and a fourth… and a fifth… and a sixth… and a seventh…and an eighth. Thankfully, the Hawks finally let up, so Alejandro Ruvalcaba could get his Tigers in the game with a run. This was followed immediately by Dylan Guerrero and Ajay Parcero.

It’s worth taking this one in good spirit and looking forward to the next game”
– Corey Evan


Inning number four saw another Citrus Hill squeeze and the Hawks took another run, thanks to a few slippery Tiger paws. Not much offensive action went on in the last three innings, but both teams’ defense shined through them. With that, Citrus Hill would return to Perris with a 9-3 win.
Coach Rick Zepek did not return requests for comment.
Today may have been a loss, but as it was also Luau Thursday during San Jacinto’s spirit week. It’s worth taking this one in good spirit and looking forward to the next game. No worries.

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