Tigers take the ball from the Bulldogs

Hemet High’s volleyball boys lost their match against San Jacinto, 3-0 on Monday

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Coach Joe Schnake strategizes with his Bulldogs during time out, as the boys from San Jacinto work to anticipate Hemet’s next move.

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

With spring sports really heating up, every rivalry heats with it. The rivalry between Hemet High and San Jacinto High is certainly staying at temperature, even in boys volleyball. The two teams met Monday to go at it at the net, and with the Tigers up 11-3 for the season there was nowhere to go but up. Hemet was 2-11 going into this game.
The Tigers proved that they had the “Eye of the Tiger” from the very beginning. They took a commanding lead in game one, whereas Hemet struggled. San Jacinto took this game 25-14. But at least the home team cracked double-digits.
Game two was a little closer: Hemet took the first point before San Jacinto took over the lead. From there, the Tigers kept an edge on the Bulldogs and didn’t let up. Game two also went to San Jacinto, 25-19.
As the Bulldogs found themselves down 2-nil and facing the last game of the match, it was now or never. But the Tigers meant business. Throughout this game, the Tigers made it known that they wouldn’t let up for even a second. Even as Coach Joe Schnake rotated players, even after multiple timeouts, and even after a lot of support, the Bulldogs just couldn’t find San Jacinto’s weak spot. Game three went to the Tigers 25-11, and none for the home team today.
When asked about his team’s reversal of fortune versus last year, Schnake explained, “I don’t like to take away from our current team, but I did graduate nine seniors last year. So at this point this is a rebuilding type of season, but again we just have to be able to get some cohesiveness among the team.”
That said, the Bulldogs did just barely get back from Spring Break. “That’s an excuse, really; Last time we practiced was almost a week ago. Thing is that hopefully we can get that fire lit inside of us to finish off the season.”
With this loss, Hemet falls to 2-12 as San Jacinto rises to 12-3. The Hemet boys head up Lamb Canyon to take on Beaumont tomorrow afternoon. While the Tigers bask in their glory, let Hemet remember not to let this loss make them sick as dogs.

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