Want some history with those eggs?

Estudillo Mansion hosts Easter egg hunt

PhotoS by Elyse Askari/The Valley Chronicle
Large turnout for the Estudillo Mansion Egg Hunt!

■ By Elyse Askari / Reporter

Under San Jacinto’s bright noon-day sun, the Estudillo Mansion opened up its historical doors Saturday to allow young children and their families to explore the yard at the Estudillo Mansion in the hopes of finding some eggs and taking pictures with the Easter Bunny.
Parents were armed with umbrellas, hats and heavy duty strollers as the little ones had fun on the lush lawn that encompasses the perimeter of the Mansion. Most children, like London, sported adorable bunny ears or formal attire, with smiles that could be seen miles away as they boasted of their finds to their parents and loved ones.

Young Easter fanatic London enjoys her basket of eggs, collected from the front entryway of the Estudillo Mansion.

“The kids love it,” said mom Vianca, while her kids, Connor and Violette, excitedly waited in line to join in their third Estudillo Egg Hunt. “It’s perfect for the little ones.”
Vianca hit it right on the money as upon having their turn in the Estudillo hunt, boys and girls came out to their parents squealing joyfully, “that was so fun!” as they showed off their decorative Easter eggs to their siblings, friends and relatives.
Parents and older siblings who were simply there to observe took shade under the orange trees that grow in the front of the Mansion, and some went around to explore the bijou rose garden under the tall trees that grow there, too.
The San Jacinto Explorer program also made an appearance in full uniform, greeting guests entering the estate with smiles and cordial welcomes.
San Jacinto’s Estudillo Mansion is a historical monument, and has been host to many weddings, public events, receptions, and more since it was restored in 2008. The Easter Egg Hunt has become an annual tradition for many families here in the San Jacinto Valley. Next year is right around the corner; maybe you and your family will partake in the 2018 Easter Egg Hunt and join in the historical fun!



Vianca and her family enjoy the Mansion’s Easter festivities. (From left to right: Vianca, Connor, Violette)
The San Jacinto Explorers cordially greeted guests upon entering the Easter event. (From left to right: Vivianna, Jason, Ruben)

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