Cougars outpitch the Bulldogs

Hemet High School’s baseball boys lose to Beaumont, 3-2

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Aaron Harper at bat for the Bulldogs.

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

We root, root, root for the home team, and when they don’t win it’s a shame. Unfortunately, Beaumont’s Cougars brought some shame to Norm West Field at Hemet High School last Friday.
From the get-go, the Cougars showed off their cat-like reflexes and quickly brought in the first run of the game. The next three innings were mostly uneventful, until the Bulldogs finally brought in two runs because of several Cougar errors. But not content with how Hemet got their runs, Beaumont coach Robert Sheehan raised a stink with the umpires and Hemet coach Dave Parker. Their debate went on for more than five minutes and annoyed scores of baseball fans before the game resumed.
The end result was that umpire decided the Bulldogs’ runs weren’t legitimate after all, and Hemet was back to zip. In the fifth inning, the Bulldogs finally scored two legitimate runs. In the dugout, teammates cheered on Adrian Lopez and Tyler Richardson as they brought in said runs for Hemet. Unfortunately for them, the Cougars also scored two runs in the same inning. The final score was 3-2 Beaumont.
Even though this score represented a loss for Hemet, the Bulldogs’ spirits weren’t dampened. Even Parker saw some positives in recovering from Sheehan challenging his team: “This game’s about overcoming adversity, and sometimes adversity strikes you; we did a great job of battling back from that episode. And our guys got guys in scoring position; we just didn’t get the hit today.”
If it’s any consolation, Hemet won two days prior at Beaumont’s field with a score of 3-1. And they are 11-6 in league and 5-4 for the season. Beaumont is 9-11 and 3-6. So the Bulldogs are still ahead.
The Bulldogs will welcome the Tahquitz Titans to Norm West Field tomorrow, so take a pal out to what promises to be a great ball game. And be sure to visit the concession stand.

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