CRIME BRIEFS – April 27, 2017

■ By Melissa Diaz Hernandez

San Jacinto murderer sentenced to 32 years to life

Tiaki Alfred James Mosley was sentenced to 32 years to life on April 21 for the murder of Victor Prinque on Nov. 16, 2013. Kelvin Leymon Redd Jr. shot and killed Prinque during the robbery while Mosley drove the getaway vehicle. Mosley was convicted of first-degree murder and three counts of robbery; Redd was convicted of murder, grand theft, burglary with sentence enhancements for gun use allegations.
Redd and Mosley were charged in April 2014 with committing a series of robberies in November 2013 in which they targeted elderly and sometimes disabled victims who were out shopping or dining in the Hemet/San Jacinto area. The defendants are accused of following the victims to their homes and then robbing them at gunpoint in their driveways or garages. Mosley and Redd were arrested three days after Prinque’s murder. Mosley and Redd had two different juries. Redd was sentenced on Aug 3, 2016 to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He filed an appeal on Aug 31, 2016 and will be sentenced next month. Mosley was sentenced on April 21, 2017 and immediately filed an appeal on April 24. However, no appeal number had been assigned at press time.

San Jacinto Police Department arrests attempted homicide suspect

San Jacinto Police department responded to calls of gunshots fired in the 1700 block of Wheatfield Way on April 23. The suspect, identified as Mario Duenas-Martinez, 35, of Riverside, entered the San Jacinto residence earlier that morning and engaged in a confrontation with residents. A firearm was brandished and the ensuing struggle resulted in several gunshots being fired. Duenas suffered serious injuries after jumping out of a second story window of the residence to flee the scene. He was taken into custody and was transported to a nearby hospital where he remains in critical condition. The victim was treated for several non-life threatening gunshot wounds at a nearby hospital and later released.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department would like to remind the public to secure doors and windows whenever possible.  If suspects are found inside their residences, immediately call 911 and do not approach the suspect if possible.  This is an active investigation. Call Investigator Janecka at the Hemet Sheriff’s Station at (951) 791-3400 with any information regarding this case.

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