LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – April 27, 2017

Gas tax swindles Californians yet again

Dear Editor,

Swindled again. One more time the supermajority has stuck it to the people of California with the increase in our gasoline tax. For years the diversion of much of our gasoline and diesel fuel taxes have been spent on social welfare programs instead of their intended use. Now to cover their incompetence they say for only 12 cents a gallon we can fix the crumbling roads. A flat out lie – as the yearly inflation adjustments go up, so will the gas tax.
The reason Governor Brown worked so very hard getting the law passed with union support and making side deals was that it would guarantee billions of dollars in funding for his train to nowhere after he leaves office. He is well aware that federal funds for his pet project may dry up very fast.
What Governor Brown forgot to tell you was that you will also be paying the 20-plus cents increase per gallon for diesel fuel, regardless of what you drive. Not at the pump when you fill up, but also at the grocery store, the clothing store, the hardware store and every other place that you buy things, plus all the additional tax increases that will never terminate.
Just a side note: Wonder why the politicians have no problem with raising your gasoline tax? Lawmakers pull up to the pump, swipe the gas card and never see the bill, which is sent directly to legislative committees and paid for with our tax dollars. Next thing you know the taxpayer will be giving them a free car. What?!?! They get that also. Spend and tax – the signature of our liberal Democrat legislature.

Mike Stocki, Riverside

Gas tax unfair to electric vehicles

Dear Editor,

We live in Calimesa, California, an environmental and growing town. Our home is a partial solar house in the community of Singleton Heights; a fast growing community in which every home is equipped with solar panels, tankless water heaters and the latest in fire suppression systems throughout the house.

Enough about our home – I will get to the point.
Though my wife and I voted for Gov. Brown, his tax increase is aimed at the wrong folks.  The trucking industry is the root of most damage caused to our roads throughout all of California and the United States.  We own an electric vehicle, which is friendly to the environment and the road.  Gov. Brown should focus on the vehicles that actually cause damage. How often have we driven on our highways, freeways, county and city roads and seen the results that 18-wheelers and all heavy equipment vehicles have left behind? Damage  such as rippled or waved roads, tire parts from exploded tires and the damage to all our roads when they are involved in traffic accidents.  Sometimes the debris they leave on the roads cause accidents and damage to our vehicles.
So please, if at all possible, help us change his mind.  Thank you.

A. Montes, Calimesa

Gas tax hurts working class

Dear Editor,

We are opposed to this tax.

We know this tax will affect everyone, but especially the working class. Not the ones that need more tax. And where is all our tax money from previous tax hikes on gas?
Our roads are still in bad shape. What will prevent the governor and state from using this as their own private slush fund? And this law does not tax all users of our roads and all should pay, including bicyclists.
We should be able to have a fair piece of legislation that the tax money will go only for road improvements, including bridges. Just plain and simple – no deals.
No choo choo train or bridge to nowhere. Just make our roads and bridges safe and in good shape.

Margit F. Chiriaco Rusche, Chiriaco

Will gas tax really raise prices?

Dear Editor,

The gas fuel price will increase $0.12 per gallon, so we expect to have gas prices either increase or stay the same.
How can gas be the same price? Well, I remember the last gas tax increase California had and I think the price stayed the same because of the CPI or barrels of crude oil were cheaper and the gas price was not affected that much.
I know the gas tax increase was voted in the Senate and in the Assembly and won, but I think the tax increase is a warning for the economy’s failure or success.
For more information, visit www.gaspricesexplained.com. There is a lot of information there about how gas and crude oil is priced.

Kathleen Prokop
Republican : San Jacinto Resident

Gas tax makes long commutes impossible

Dear Editor,

This gas tax increase will greatly hurt hard-working families, workers and commuters. I currently commute 62 miles one way to work and it would make it nearly impossible to continue to do so.

Please do what you can to not allow this devastating tax to go through.

Thank you,

Brian Burton, Yucaipa

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