West Valley Mustangs volley a win from Beaumont

Mustang boys volleyball team defeats Beaumont 3-0

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Coach Shawn Pulsipher meets with his Mustangs during a timeout on Friday.

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

The weather around here is heating up, and what better way to get ready for beach weather than with a beach favorite: volleyball! Of course, the West Valley volleyball boys take their game a little more seriously, and the Beaumont Cougars found that out on Friday during their trip to Mustang Country.
Game one was close, but not too tight for the Mustangs, who served up a 25-17 win over Beaumont. One down, two to go.
Game two started with a little more intensity, as the two teams stayed right on each others’ tails. In fact, so high did the boys propel the ball that they almost dented the ceiling! But soon the Cougars would start to lose steam, allowing the Mustangs to stampede ahead. Having taken this second round 25-10, West Valley was starting to show their true colors. Two down, one to go.
The Cougars started to recover their strength going into the third round, even momentarily taking the lead. But the lead would not stay with them, as the Mustangs kept their pace and took back the lead. Match point was rather intense, as the referees penalized the Mustangs one point due to unsportsmanlike conduct. But they recovered to take the match 25-18.
The biggest upside: Colton Rosendahl and Felipe Medina had the aces, with three apiece. And Rosendahl delivered a whopping 10 kills!

But soon the Cougars would start to lose steam, allowing the Mustangs to stampede ahead.”


The downside: West Valley leadership, as well as a representative of the Los Angeles Volleyball Association, held a post-game meeting with Coach Shawn Pulsipher about his boys doing a bit too much jeering during this game. But Pulsipher says he’s reining them in: “It was just boys being boys… I mean, both sides of the net were talking a little too much. We’ll be fine; I’m not too worried about that at all.”
Good thing, because any good team should be able to handle such feedback: “It’s all about playing hard, keeping your head in it and doing what you gotta do to win!”
So with just one last game this season, tomorrow at 4:30 against the Tahquitz Titans, let’s hope the Mustangs will try to relax a little bit. That said, neither team had better let up on their A-game…

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