Cannabis Cup “highly” recommended

H■ By Bracha Sarah Meyerowitcz / Contributed

ad it not been for attending a meeting of Orange County Women Grow (Cannabis), I would not have known that the High Times Cannabis Cup was at our doorstep in San Bernardino. Our supposed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions would not have approved of approximately 300 vendors hawking “medical” marijuana, glass smoking pipes, vape machines, “butter” presses, seeds and more.

Doctors were there to offer inexpensive advice that you most certainly qualify for a medical marijuana prescription. If only we could get such fast, cheap service from our regular physicians. I have been suffering most all of my adult life from a back injury that occurred while I was 19 years old and serving in the military. Since I violently vomit from taking anything in the oxycodone family of legal prescription pain killers, this was a chance to see if my pain could be managed better.

A free wristband certified you qualified to any vendor and these people were giving the store away, literally. There was a smog-like haze as you walked into the main building. A police dog would have lost its mind alerting to the smell. Dozens and dozens of vendors were handing you plastic-tipped vape pens, asking you to try this blend or that. Have some edible samples, these are 5mg and those are 10mg. “Munch this.”

Fifteen minutes in that building and I had an intense headache. Grass is supposed to get you high, relaxed, mellow, ready for sex and rock and roll…but a headache? No wonder San Jacinto has so much contention about approving marijuana; they must want to keep the citizens free of headaches.

Thankfully, the majority of the vendors were outdoors. If there was anything you could eat, smoke, vape, grow, process and consume in any way that came from hemp or marijuana, there were multiple vendors out for your money. How about three seeds of the really strongest stuff for $80? No problem, buy it here today for a discount. Such a deal, SUCH a deal.

If by chance you got the munchies, there were $7 hot dogs and $6 fries; if you can afford to get high, the cost of food is no problem. My kettle corn was a bargain at $6 for a large bag that filled my stomach, but even handicapped parking was $20, certainly a high price and the best profit margin there. As I drove away, my clothes reeked of marijuana and I had a hard time deciding between washing them or putting them in a plastic bag and charging $5 for an deep inhale.

There were certainly some wonderful medical products there. Csalve comes in a small jar, maybe one ounce, and you dab a bit on your fingertip and rub the sore spot. Maybe 15 minutes after rubbing it in, the horribly sore spots drive one nuts with pain were not noticeable. I also experienced no euphoria, no high of any kind except that the pain had disappeared. It is astonishing stuff – if only aspirin and other products were so good. I haven’t gotten to the edibles yet; no need so far. Guild Extracts gave me some crystalline samples. You wet the tip of your little finger, put it under your tongue and half an hour later you have no pain. You get no THC, which is the active “high” ingredient, but, if you choose to vape it, it turns into the most potent buzz material you can find. I’m fine just licking my finger right now.
Both gasoline and marijuana have something in common. Gas can be used in an ambulance to take a patient to the hospital for life-saving treatment and it can be used to drive drunk and kill someone on the highway. Marijuana is useful in treating my pain, along with a big thumper back massage chair, a TENS unit and occasional help from a friend who digs her elbows into the “trigger points” on my back. I know some people screw up by getting too high too often so it can have its downsides; it’s up to you how you use it.
There are over 500 different chemicals in marijuana. Hebrew University in Israel has a commercial program to develop and sell medical marijuana treatments for a host of diseases while our federal government still languishes in the first century, classifying it fully as dangerous as heroin and cocaine. Ariel University in Israel is teaching medical doctors how to use medical marijuana to help their patients and we have the Hemet City Council telling us that we shouldn’t be able to buy any in this town for ANY purpose, medical or recreational. Maybe someday the Dark Ages will lighten up, we can only hope.

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