Celebrating Mom’s special day doesn’t have to break the bank

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Moms are sure to appreciate Mother’s Day celebrations focused on food, pampering and fun.

■ By Mary Ann Morris / Editor

Though it can be challenging to find new and unique ways to display your affection for mom on Mother’s Day, rest assured that the simplest concepts are usually the ones mothers most appreciate. This year, look no further than the following ideas for some inspiration as you aim to make this Mother’s Day as special as possible for the mother or mothers in your life.

Remove the distance with technology
While phone calls were once the way to keep in touch, many people now utilize various forms of digital communication, including texting, and various social media avenues. Skype and FaceTime enables video chat with others in real time. Come Mother’s Day, connect with mom via such apps so you can watch her open up the gifts you sent.
If mom is the one who ventured from home, help her reconnect with her hometown or favorite place by shipping her some favorite regional foods that can only be bought in town. Make a photo or video montage of her favorite places. These little touches of home can mean the world.

Sweet treats hit the spot
What better way to highlight mom’s sweetness than with some delicious treats made just for her? Whether you decide to whip up some homemade confections in the kitchen or visit a local shop for something decadent, mom will no doubt appreciate the chance to indulge on her big day.

Make a meal to remember
Mom deserves a night off from dinner detail, and while dining out is an option, a homemade meal may come across as more intimate and heartfelt. Thanks to kitchen appliances and menu planning services that make it easier than ever to prepare gourmet meals at home, you can now make restaurant-style meals in your kitchen without sacrificing restaurant-quality taste. While mom waits for dinner to be served, a soothing cup of tea or a nice glass of her favorite wine can set the tone for a relaxing evening.

Plan a Mother’s Day picnic
Busy moms may look forward to a break from the bustle of daily routines. An afternoon picnic at the local park or recreational facility can be the ideal way to enjoy a special Mother’s Day. Plan an easy menu of easily portable foods. A refreshing fruit salad can be kept cool for about eight hours. If mom prefers hot dishes, a thermal container can keep it warm and ready until it’s time to enjoy.

Flowers are always a hit
Flowers always make popular Mother’s Day gifts, and well-wishers who want to give the special women in their lives flowers this year can consider a host of varieties. Don’t forget about living flowers and plants that will continue to flourish year after year. Visit your local nursery for ideas.

Colorful carnations are popular Mother’s Day flowers, and you can likely find some in Mom’s favorite color. Ask the florist about what each carnation color symbolizes, as each has its own unique meaning. Pink carnations, for example, are believed to symbolize a mother’s love.

Few mothers can resist roses, making them one of the more popular Mother’s Day choices. Roses are symbolic of love and make the perfect floral gift for mothers who like traditional flowers. If you want to spice things up, order a bouquet made up of roses of various colors.

Yellow is synonymous with spring, and daffodils can highlight the season in which Mother’s Day takes place while also providing a cheerful look that’s perfect for Mother’s Day floral bouquets. Daffodils are gorgeous on their own; they also add a nice splash to mixed bouquets. Daffodils also last quite a while when cared for correctly, giving moms more than just a few days to enjoy their bouquets.

Like daffodils, freesia are long-lasting, meaning mothers will still enjoy them long after Mother’s Day has passed. The inviting fragrance of freesia and choice of colors makes bouquets of these flowers popular choices.

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