Great gifts for recent graduates

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What better gift than one chosen in the interests of the giftee?

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(MS) Students work hard on homework and various other projects during the course of their academic career. Many families celebrate graduation with a party for the guest of honor, and one cannot attend a party without bringing a gift. What better gift than one chosen in the interests of the giftee? Here are some personalized ideas that won’t break the bank.

All-Star Athlete
If your guy or girl took home more trophies and sports-related awards than you can count, a sporty gift may be just what is needed. Plan a day when you can take your graduate to a sporting event of his or her choosing. Take in a home game of a favorite team or fly to a playoff game. Sports enthusiasts who attend many games may enjoy receiving a ticket stub diary, where they can scrapbook their photos and memories of different games throughout the year.

The Budding Traveler
Perhaps your graduate has a love for travel and plans on seeing the world before starting a job or furthering his or her academic career. A new set of luggage might be the right fit. If not, consider a subscription to a travel magazine or some books about specific destinations he or she has admired or would like to one day visit. Think about ordering a personalized passport cover and a traveler’s journal for documenting all ports of call.

Future CEO
Some students just seem destined for corporate success. Help pave the way with gifts that befit a CEO. Many mergers and acquisitions are made out on the golf course, so having the skills of the game is a necessity. Golf lessons with a PGA pro or a membership to a local golf course is a great place to start.
Students who want to make a good first impression can benefit from a personalized leather portfolio for keeping resumes at the ready. Business cards printed with contact information can be handed out at networking events and job fairs.

Financial Maven
A student who excels in finance and has built a sizable nest egg may appreciate a gift of green. Purchase stock in his or her name, or open up a savings or credit account that can be used for school expenses. Monetary gifts never go out of style and, if invested correctly, could set a graduate on a course for success.

If your student has been participating in a cause from as early as you can remember, a philanthropic gift could be a nice touch for graduation. Make a donation in his or her name to a charity of his or her choosing. If you prefer to spread good will together, schedule volunteer time at a community center, hospital or disaster relief organization or enroll in programs that can use volunteers.

Career Person
A graduate ready to begin his or her career may need a few resources to get started. A savvy business wardrobe can help make a good first impression. Gift cards to stores that carry professional wardrobes will benefit those grads who may not have the budget to stock their wardrobes with career essentials. A monogrammed leather portfolio or briefcase adds a professional touch.

Stress Relief
After the stress of exams and selecting a forward path is over, there is no doubt a little R&R is in order. A gift certificate to a spa center that offers facials and massages would prove a relaxing gift. Some graduates may unwind through exercise, so a new piece of exercise equipment or membership to a local gym would be thoughtful. Tickets to a concert or theater performance could be a relaxing and entertaining way to unwind after the hustle and bustle of graduation.

When gifting graduates one can begin by looking at their interests or what items may help them start their new careers or academic pursuits.

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