Rusty’s articles are the gold standard

Dear Editor:

We have been paid subscribers to The Valley Chronicle since the very beginning, and while we do not support many of your political views, we strongly believe in reading different opinions. In the process, perhaps we all can learn something.
What we do feel very positively about when reading the weekly paper is Rusty Strait’s articles. He is unbiased, objective, clear, honest, thorough and fair. Every week we learn more about the community that we call home. Rusty’s personal political beliefs are his and rarely does he include them in his articles. He understands the purpose of the written press…..truth and clarity.
We will continue to be paid subscribers thanks to Rusty’s articles. He is the gold standard at your newspaper.

Lynn and Bob Throckmorton, Hemet

How do you get your point across?

Dear Editor,

Some of the public feels that resolving conflict, settling differences and displaying displeasure can be accomplished without concern for loss of life and property. Some feel that without regard for or, in many cases, having an awareness of a cause, the destruction route is the very best way to go! This is a personal choice.
Burning an innocent person’s business, destroying a public campus, injuring an invited speaker is for many “just a normal outing”…when is the next event?
Next time you consider engaging in conversation, consider the two discussion styles, and select the one you prefer – perhaps even select your conversation partner more wisely.

Style A
“You have an interesting point; I will look into that.”
“I agree with part or all of what you just said.”
“I brought you some information regarding the issue we agreed to discuss.”
“I would be willing to compromise, maybe change my mind on this.”
“Perhaps I am wrong on this.”
“Thank you for your insight.”
“When you have more on this please call, or send it to me.”
“We should do this again.”

Style B
Rarely offers neutral facts of issue to be discussed.
“You are a racist.”
“You are a PHOBIC,” with about a dozen flavors available
“That is B.S.,” or “you are wrong!”
“You are an extremist.”
“All you watch is Fox News.”
“He/She (whomever you are talking about)is a Nazi!”
“My sources?”
“Well, I have a really smart friend, or my smart friend knows a guy.”
“I just know,” or “I do not believe that,” or “That is stupid,” or “Let’s not go there.”

Which style are you…Style A or Style B? What will the critics, lying in wait, dislike about this? People with Style A conversation attributes realize that everyone does not think like them.

Bob Haunschild, Hemet

Gov. Brown sold out hardworking taxpayers

Dear Editor,

Jon Coupal hits the nail right on the head when he lambasts Gov. Jerry Brown and his leftist cronies who have taken over the state legislature lock, stock, and barrel.  The only reason these leftist thugs even exist is to shove higher and higher taxes down the throats of we “legal” citizens who have seen this horror show in the making these past 70 years.
These (can’t use the word) are forced to tax fewer and fewer “legals” to feed their flock from Mexico & all points south. Left unsaid in this otherwise prescient article is the obvious.  Why are Democrats shafting honest, hard-working Californians who built this formerly most magnificent state in the first place?  Answer: These sellouts, including our Jesuit governor, are forever beholden to Mexican illegals, who started milking California dry around 70 years ago while everybody looked the other way and decided it was real cute to listen to mariachi music, Spanish being spoken, Mexicans taking their jobs and more. The list is endless.
So, to sum up dear readers:  Californianos richly deserve everything they get and your significantly lower standard of living can be chalked up to the Democrats, whose unending tax and spend policies have transformed California into the cheap dump we see all around us every day.

Jim Jones, Temecula

War on Crime

Dear Editor,

To answer your question in the last publication, I do not think the so called “War on Crime” will be effective with this police department and its tactics.
When the California Highway Patrol helped Hemet PD, it was very clear CHP knew what to do and how to handle crime and the public. City police training does not compare to CHP training. There was constant police present while the CHP patrolled. Not so with Hemet PD and still Hemet PD does not make enough of a presence in this small city.
Hemet’s police chief gets a high salary for poor performance. I am not impressed! I would like to see more cops on bicycles doing community police work, not remaining invisible. My husband patrolled Costa Mesa on a bicycle and caught a lot of bad guys, without hurting or shooting anyone.
We really appreciate the terrific job your paper is doing to hold this city accountable! Keep up the good work!

Kathy Gibson,

 I have questions and I want answers

Dear Editor,

I’ve got a few questions for the city and chief of police:
Is it true that the City of Hemet struck a deal with LA County several years ago to have parolees transferred to Hemet for pay?
If so, why hasn’t this crime export/import agreement been terminated?
Why is there just now a declared “war on crime” when it has been escalating for years?
What is the specific strategy for lessening crime in Hemet?
The number of homeless/vagrant individuals roaming & panhandling outside businesses on Florida Avenue is staggering; it seems to have grown exponentially over the past year. What measures will be taken to mitigate this infestation & on what timeline?
Will there be a regularly published audit that demonstrates that all of the sales tax hike money is being used to “keep Hemet safe?”
If there is a serious attempt to lower crime, then I would expect the weekly Hemet crime report will take up a lot less room in the paper going forward. Criminals will just find it easier to migrate to other communities.
One final question: Is there a Hemet police gang unit in place? If so, has the unit engaged any cities that have had great success in lessening gang crime/violence.
I wish law enforcement great success in making Hemet safe. It has a monumental task in front of it.

Thank you,
Scott Humphrey

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