Park Bench honors Rosalie Moyer for decades of community volunteer work

Photos by Kyle Selby/The Valley Chronicle
Among friends and family, Hemet City Councilwoman Karlee Meyer, City Manager Alex Meyerhoff and Police Chief Dave Brown dedicated a bench in Rosalie Moyer’s name Thursday in Weston Park.

■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter

A bench dedication ceremony was held last week in Hemet’s Weston Park to honor Rosalie Moyer, former president of the Northrop Grumman Retirement Club of Hemet and tireless civic volunteer.
“Today, our club is here to honor Rosalie (Trott) Moyer,” announced Mike Madrid, president of Northrop Grumman Retirement Club. “She was one of Hemet’s best. She gave without asking anything in return.”
Rosalie worked for Northrop Grumman for 33 years, where she met her husband, Bob Moyer. After retiring in 1986, she eventually became president of the Northrop Grumman Retirement Club, where she remained active for more than 20 years, volunteering her time in community service projects. Rosalie also volunteered in Hemet Valley Hospital’s gift shop for 25 years, served as the Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch coordinator for 21 years, and was a member of various community-oriented organizations in town, including the Elks Club.
Two years ago, Rosalie lost her battle with ALS and passed away peacefully in her sleep on June 21, 2015.
City councilwoman Karlee Meyer, Police Chief Dave Brown, Jeanne Lowe of the Hemet Valley Hospital Auxiliary, and Esmeralda Chavez of Cottonwood School shared some touching words about Rosalie and paid their respects. Hemet City Manager Alex Meyerhoff, Sgt. Dan Reinbolt and volunteers from the Hemet Police Department were also in attendance.
“She had control,” said Chief Brown after sharing a touching story with the crowd. “She knew what she was doing, and she was a rock star.”
Rosalie’s good friend Art Scribner, and his daughter, Sue Kaitukoff, were bestowed the honors of unveiling the bench at the end of the dedication. The inscription reads, “In memory of Rosalie May (Trott) Moyer, Northrop Grumman Retirement Club for her volunteer service.”
Scribner met his neighbor, Rosalie, several years ago when he took a liking to her mailbox. They got talking about it and the rest was history.
“We started to be very good friends, and she started coming to my house for Christmas, holidays, birthdays, everything,” he said. “My kids, they took a liking to her just as well as I did, so we just became one big happy family.”
“She couldn’t do enough to help people,” said Kaitukoff, who thought of Rosalie as her stepmother. “She was truly probably the most — best human being I think I’ve ever met that lived on this Earth, outside of Jesus.”

Park supervisors Mauro Lozoya and Carmen Garcia helped Northrop Grumman honor Rosalie with the bench. It reads: “In memory of Rosalie May (Trott) Moyer Northrop Grumman Retirement Club, for her volunteer service.”

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