The county’s ‘leaderati’ gather at Historic Hemet Theatre for Leadercast 17

Light attendance doesn’t dissuade sponsors from believing in the inherent value of the worldwide high-tech event

Photo by Susan Carrier
Getting into the spirit of being part of something larger than themselves, Leadercast Inland Empire attendees don Red Noses in recognition of the upcoming Walgreens’ sponsored event addressing child poverty scheduled for May 25.

■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor

Hemet residents were privileged to have access to a live-streamed Leadercast event last week that connected them to 100,000 other people around the world interested in becoming “leaders worth following.”
Hosted by Historic Hemet Theatre, and a special project of Valley View Foundation CEO Susan Carrier, the event was a fun day of networking, learning, and self-reflection centered around the theme: “powered by purpose.”
Approximately 50 of the area’s leading business, government and nonprofit leaders signed up for the one-day series of lectures, the second year that the Foundation has licensed the inspirational event for Inland Empire residents. It was sponsored by Wal-Mart Supercenter, Sam’s Club, the Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors, Starbucks Coffee, Golden Era Productions, and Toastmasters International.

Photos by Chris Smith/The Valley Chronicle
Andy Stanley.

The audience was limited
“We were hoping for a larger group given the expense of hosting this event,” said Carrier, “but it takes a while sometimes for people to grasp the value of an educational gem such as Leadercast. Everyone favors training, but taking time away from work, even on a Friday, is difficult.” The event cost attendees $75 apiece, which included lunch and seminar materials, but early signups received a discount.
Those who attended certainly had no qualms about its value to their careers and personal development if the enthusiastic cheers at the end of the day were any reflection on their estimation of what they got out of the experience. For professionals who need continuing education units, the Leadercast seminar qualified.

Molly Fletcher.
Jim McKelvey.
Donald Miller.
Jess Ekstrom.

One-day leadership event
For the uninitiated, Leadercast is the largest one-day leadership event in the world. It’s broadcast live to hundreds of locations around the globe reaching more than 100,000 community and business leaders in a single stream. Topics fall into one of seven leadership categories: bravery, simplicity, creativity, vision, beyond you, insight, and culture—the latter being this year’s umbrella.
The Leadercast Inland Empire presentation included a live guest speaker—Temecula-based author and coach Randy Powell, who encouraged attendees to serve others with an “intentional mindset” and follow up their plan with “massive action.”
This year’s theme of being powered by purpose was based on the research findings of just how important it is to both individuals and companies to have an articulated purpose larger than themselves.

Daniel Pink.
Suzy Welch.
Dr. Henry Cloud.
Tyler Perry.

Having a purpose pays off
“Purpose is the glue for an organization and the fuel for an individual,” says Carrier. “Companies with ideals of improving people’s lives… outperform others by 400 percent,” she notes. “More than 70 percent of people consider an organization’s environmental and/or social impact when deciding where to work, and employees that feel they are working toward a good cause show increased productivity by up to 30 percent.”
Leadercast speakers included best-selling author Andy Stanley, who has a following of 1.5 million people tuning in to his podcasts and videos each month; Molly Fletcher, “the female Jerry Maguire” responsible for negotiating more than $500 million in contracts for some of the nation’s top athletes and coaches; Jim McKelvey, founder of Square, the mobile payment app that solves the problem of affordable credit card processing, and Donald Miller, CEO of marketing company StoryBrand, and who is the best-selling author of seven books including “Scary Close,” exploring the importance of vulnerability in creating and sustaining relationships.

Historic Hemet Theater Foundation CEO Susan Carrier was key to bringing Leadercast to Hemet where speaker Randy Powell gave attendees a live presentation.

Speaker lineup
Other speakers included Jess Ekstrom, founder of Headbands of Hope, a brand with a mission in that for every headband sold, one is donated to a child with cancer; Daniel Pink, one of the world’s top business thinkers and the New York Times best-selling author of five books including, “Drive,” and “To Sell Is Human.” Also on the program was Suzy Welch, best-selling author, Today Show contributor, and co-founder of the Jack Welch Management Institute. Speaking too was Dr. Henry Cloud, a clinical psychologist and author or co-author of more than 20 books, including “Boundaries” and “Necessary Endings.” Rounding out the program was Tyler Perry, entrepreneur, producer, playwright, screenwriter and author.
The speakers expressed their unique views on the importance to success of having formulated a meaningful purpose that is larger and grander than one’s own individual needs. As a symbol of that spirit, the Theatre Foundation had available red noses for Leadercast participants to support Walgreen’s Red Nose Day charity and help end child poverty.
Comic Relief Inc., the Red Nose charity, was launched in 1985 by movie director Richard Curtis in the belief that high-profile celebrities can raise awareness of poverty issues. Since 2015, Walgreens’ Red Nose Day campaign—which this year is on May 25—will have raised more than $60 million to address child poverty.

Part of the Leadercast program included a lunch provided by the Downtown Deli where attendees could network and compare notes.

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