Don’t get sucked into Putin’s false promises

Dear Editor:

In response to “Should California become an independent nation?” [Letters, April 20], please note that the sponsor of this suggestion is teaching “about 1,000 miles from Moscow.” This is important! Why? Because Putin would like nothing better for California to split from the United States of America, which would result in a weakening of our country We need to be on guard, because Putin is spending a lot of money to undermine us.

Remember what Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” To be sure, Putin is trying his best to undermine us. Don’t be sucked into his false promises.

Marlene Arnao, Hemet

Excellence in service also applies to the police chief

Dear Editor,

The recent editorial regarding outsourcing the patrol of Florida Avenue showed us the real personality of Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown. Many supporters of the chief will be blinded by their faith equally as the sharpness of the views by those who dislike him or simply his position. The tone with which the Hemet Chief of Police responds to questions from the media is disturbing, and should be questioned by his supervisor, City Manager Alex Meyerhoff, and the City Council. Whether or not he feels The Valley Chronicle is “legitimate,” it is his voice and message being read by an estimated 10,000 people.
I would understand if Chief Brown dislikes Eric Buskirk, and by proxy anything and anyone tied to The Valley Chronicle. However, I do not understand the rudeness and condescension of the replies by the Hemet Chief of Police.
If the arrogance and sheer rudeness are the public face of the Hemet Police Department, I have many concerns. Leadership comes from the top. If the rank and file sees that it is acceptable to treat questioning residents this way, we will have a serious problem in Hemet. Dave Brown has every right to say what he wants about others off the record, however when he sends emails from the Hemet Chief of Police account, he needs to be able to set a higher standard and exercise discretion.
Personally I have sent a few emails on different issues to Chief Brown. He has even found time to respond a few times, which is fantastic. I did get a slight sense of rudeness in some of his responses, but was actually satisfied that he took the time to respond.
Dave Brown, as chief, you set the goals and tone of our police department. Along the way you will be questioned about decisions you make. Even more so since you advocated for a ballot initiative, which impacts those of us still living within the city. You will even be given naive recommendations from an ignorant public. You can use these opportunities to explain your position and educate the public to your thought process leading to that decision. If you are incapable or unwilling to deal with criticism and questions, perhaps you should resign your post, or simply get a peer to review your responses, before clicking “send.” You found your way to the top – it is a shame to see you wallow in the mud.

Galen Hammerle,

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