A farewell ceremony for San Jacinto’s retiring city manager

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Tim Hults worked for the city of San Jacinto for 26 years and celebrated his retirement among colleagues, family and friends.

Tim Hults celebrated his retirement with colleagues, family and friends

■ By Elyse Askari / Reporter

Tim Hults started his career in San Jacinto in September of 1991, and celebrated his retirement party May 4 at San Jacinto’s famed Estudillo Mansion surrounded by family, friends and colleagues. Handing over the reins to new City Manager Rob Johnson, who left Menifee as city manager in December, Hults celebrated his nearly 26 years of service to the city of San Jacinto, many of those years as city manager, complete with Texas-style catering, an oldies but goodies DJ, and a beer garden.
“It’s a shame to see him go,” said Dan Mudrovich, the city’s water utility superintendent, who has worked with Tim for almost 10 years. “Through the good and hard times he’s an excellent person to work with.”
Mayor Scott Miller made an appearance sporting a cowboy hat and an enthusiastic air, and had many stories of his own about Hults and his work.

Photo by Elyse Askari/The Valley Chronicle
Tim Hults’ retirement party took place outside the Estudillo Mansion in San Jacinto, where family friends and long time colleagues celebrated his nearly 26 years of service to the San Jacinto Valley.

“The guy’s rock solid,” said Miller, “he dedicated a quarter of a century to the city and stayed the course. There’s not a lot of people like that.”
Staying the course through thick and thin is easier said than done, and Hults has struggled with personal tragedies of his own throughout his work in San Jacinto, such as the loss of his oldest son in the summer of 2013. The young man was driving home through Lamb Canyon early in the morning when the fatal accident happened, just seven years after his younger brother died on the same road.
“He’s stood the test of time,” said mayor Scott Miller, “through his personal tragedies and the city’s hardships.”
“My favorite memory is when we wanted to have a surprise party for him,” reminisced Mayor Miller, “and so we got him to think there was a riot going on at the community center.”

Photo by Elyse Askari/The Valley Chronicle
Friends, colleagues, and relatives of Tim Hults took a moment at Hults’ retirement party as mayor Scott Miller prayed over the evening and thanked God for the 26 years Hults spent serving the community.

After they convinced Hults that there was a riot, and upon opening the center’s doors, Tim found not only laughter and merriment but a 20th anniversary party set up for him in celebration of the anniversary of his becoming city manager.
Hults was also city manager when four new council members entered office after the indictment of their predecessors; a long and arduous process that strained the city’s politics, and its coffers, for years.
Hults was able to put those bad times aside at his party, however, stating that overall, “I enjoyed my time here. It’s the right time to move on, but I’ll miss everybody.”
And surrounded by close friends and long term colleagues, he and his family were able to celebrate his retirement with pulled pork sandwiches, classic music, and happy thoughts of unknown destinations running through their minds.

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