Warmer weather is coming; get your vehicle ready

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Richard Perry, The Hemet Car Guy.

Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy,

Our winters here in the San Jacinto valley are pretty mild, hence the reason we get so many winter visitors from the north, the snow birds. My daughter, Megan, lives in the northeast where they have four seasons and each season there are specific vehicle maintenance items that have to be performed.

Here, in our milder climate, we only really need to worry about two seasonal maintenance intervals: January and June, says Franco, VIP Autos’ operations manager.

As spring winds down, it’s easy to prepare your vehicle for the warmer months. The following handy tips can get your vehicle ready to look and perform its best. Not only will these tips help you get your vehicle ready for summer, developing this habit will ensure better performance from your vehicle, resulting in a better trade-in value.

Cory Wilson, manager of Ramona Tire on West Menlo Avenue in Hemet, has some tips to help your car perform its best during the heat of the summer:

Metro Service
Make sure that your vehicle brakes are working properly before starting a long drive.

Top off fluids – Check the fluids and make sure you have enough oil, transmission fluid and coolant in your vehicle. And if your vehicle has a water-to-air inter cooler, or even a water injection system, this is definitely something to keep on top of.

Climate control – Air conditioning is imperative to survive our scalding summers. Make sure to check your AC and recharge it in case it’s not pumping out enough cold air. This can be done by a professional shop, or you can get a recharge kit at an auto parts store. Replace the air cabin filter at this time as well.


Inspect brakes – Brakes should be inspected during routine oil changes. If brake pads or rotors show excessive wear, replace the pads and resurface or replace the rotors, depending upon the severity of the wear. Make sure that your vehicle brakes are in proper working order before taking any kind of long summer drive.

Inspect tire pressure –Proper tire pressure keeps tire wear even and prevents problems. Rotate tires every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, or with every oil change to make it easy to remember. Always check your tires and inspect for damage or problems with your tires, to prevent an accident or possibility of a crash.

Check the battery – The battery is often taken for granted. But it could be in poor condition, especially if it’s been stored or the vehicle hasn’t been started for any length of time. Inspect or service the battery core.
And for the exterior, give it a nice wash and wax job. After all, you want your ride to look as good on the outside as well as it performs under the hood. So bring your radio outside, put on some shorts and get a tan. But don’t forget the sunscreen!

Good Driving,

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