Trump unveils his tax reform plan–huge tax cut–to the predictable whines of RINOS and Democrats.

War on Crime strategies

Dear Editor,

On coming to Hemet four years ago I received a “courtesy notice” that my handicapped placard was on the dash; it had been knocked off the mirror getting a broom purchase in the car. Back in LA that would have been at least a $300 ticket with no one to care.
I never noticed that crime was a problem until my GPS was stolen; I was supposed to hoof it into the HPD to write a report. Still, until the first public meeting on Measure E, nothing much seemed amiss with the Hemet PD. I was for Measure E until I asked Dave Brown how he was going to reduce crime and he said he was going to arrest people over and over and over until they left town. That was moving crime to somewhere else, not fighting it, not solving it, and I became convinced Dave was a megalomaniac, a person who wants his way at any cost.
Reading the Hemet news on my cell phone, it seemed that the owner of a stolen vehicle tracked his car but when the HPD dealt with the female thief, she was not arrested and booked but released. This past Sunday, a citizen reported burglars breaking into a school, identified their clothing and when HPD caught them nearby, there was no arrest. Are not 19 new patrol cars being bought with only a few new hires (and several departures?) We got gouged with Measure U taxes…where are the reports about what the holy hell is going on with crime in Hemet?
Today I again went by Watson Park, home of the Hemet “War on Crime” speech and there was no one there, no homeless, no parents with kids, no one, absolutely empty. Did Dave and his guys drive the homeless from what little “home” they had, is what that Measure U needed to do, just tell everyone there was “No room at the Inn?”
Incredibly, I read that Dave Brown wants more traffic cameras. If he means red light cameras, Los Angeles pulled them all out because statistics showed they caused more rear-end collisions and the city was losing money because they had to pay the red light camera people but weren’t collecting enough fines to break even. If he means regular cameras, no cop is going to issue a ticket on video.
Maybe Dave will come up with something better than going after jaywalkers soon. If not, the 2018 election can have a measure that reverses Measure U. And, with all due respect to elder statesman Rusty Strait, HPD should be going after real criminals, jailable criminals. If addle-brained jaywalkers give up their lives to a motor vehicle, it is Darwin’s survival of the fittest.

Bracha Sarah Meyerowitcz,


People are addicted to the government cheese

Dear Editor,

The problem in the United States today is that the people are all addicted to cheese. The government provides free cheese to the people in order to lure them in to a trap. When you accept FREE cheese, there are consequences. Thomas Jefferson once suggested the following advice.
When you or I take something that belongs to our neighbor, we have committed a crime, but when the government takes something from one man and gives it to another, they call it taxation. Taxation is just another name for legalized theft by the government.
Our government was created by the consent of the governed and the people can only grant to their government powers that they themselves already possess. Because it is not lawful for a man to lie, cheat or steal, the people cannot lawfully grant to their government the power to lie, cheat or steal. When we violate this code we are punished, but when our elected officials do it they get rewarded.
Unfortunately, most men would rather get something for nothing than to work for it. We can either work to pay the price to obtain the things we want or we can ask the government to take things from our neighbor so that they can give them to us.


Keith Broaders, Hemet

Banning books and ideas leads to ignorance; read everything!

Dear Editor,

We were quite surprised to read in your May 11, 2017 edition Elyse Askari’s recent article (opinion column?) about banning the classic novel “Brave New World,” because we thought that Americans had learned the lesson that banning books or ideas or speakers is unwise and dangerous, (not to mention perhaps unconstitutional.) Books and ideas should not be banned, especially in education. Placing books and ideas “off limits” gives them the power of ignorance and fear – humans need to seek the strength of knowledge, not turn away from it.
Life is full of wonder and beauty, as well as cruelty and squalor, so it is understandable that parents want to shield their children from the ugly realities. Ms. Askari’s argument that students should receive a “clean,” “wholesome,” “positive” and “psychologically healthy” education sounds good, but certainly by middle school, proper education should include all sides of life – we are not serving the future by allowing young people to grow up in ignorance.
Being over 65, we claim the right to pontificate – so here’s our advice: don’t waste your life! Read every single thing you can get your hands on, especially banned books. Go to faraway places, learn difficult things, listen to new music, meet other people with different ideas and cultures, listen politely and ask questions, learn to think logically and critically. Turn over every rock, look at every star, broaden your horizons and enlarge your perspective!
The more you fill your mind, the more open it becomes – making you a genuinely educated person, not just someone with a degree. And you will be able to confront the perversity and cruelty of life with knowledge – the only power that can defeat them.


Peter Odencrans and Diane Mitchell

Excuses, excuses – disguising ineptitude with a cloak of excuses

Dear Editor,

What will it take for the citizens of Hemet to put an end to the ineptitude of the City Council, who in turn tolerates the incompetence of the police and city manager?
How many more accidents have to occur on Hemet’s street crossings – some fatal – and how many more serious crimes have to take place in this peace-loving community before the City Council takes measures to prevent the continuation of this regrettable state of affairs?
Ask yourself, is it really necessary to add 40 more police officers to take control of this small city, or is it that only the will to perform is required rather than make excuses for not doing the job (for which generous salaries are being paid) to the individuals responsible who have been made inadequate by an incompetent city council that has allowed the operation to deteriorate to the point of making it useless, instead of demanding results.
In the private sector, managers are always developing processes that measure performance. In a small business, the owner is directly involved in running the operations to make it work efficiently. In a larger business, department managers have certain goals to meet, assigned by their superiors and so on, always looking for ways to make the operation more cost-effective. In the public sector this is more difficult because the real owners – the citizens – rarely become involved in the running of government and can only vote for those individuals who promise to fix everything and then once elected forget everything they promised to fix.
Unfortunately in Hemet’s case, it has become patently evident that the citizens have voted for all the wrong people for City Council. All those council members who listed in their resumes that they have business experience, obviously lied about it because it’s just not showing. In private business, the first thing you learn is to optimize resources in order to achieve established goals, especially when money is tight because making excuses for not performing may cost you your job.
In the public sector you only need to make excuses that more money is required to do the job and therefore an increase in taxes is necessary which makes the citizens responsible for the city council’s inability to perform their tasks efficiently and cost effectively.
What will it take for the citizens of Hemet to put an end to the ineptitude of the City Council?

Emmett Campbell

Florida Avenue is out of control

Dear Editor,

I am in total agreement with Rusty Strait regarding all of the dangerous situations when driving on Florida Avenue in Hemet. Frankly, I try to avoid that street just because of the crazy and aggressive drivers, the jaywalkers, people on bikes, etc…all with no regard to traffic safety laws. And you are so right regarding the lack of police enforcement all along Florida Avenue.
The city of Hemet, its police department and the CHP must get their acts together and take immediate steps to control the traffic on Florida Avenue and conduct checkpoints and start issuing tickets/citations, etc.
I guess they are just too lazy or maybe they are waiting for a major lawsuit that will drain the city of all of its funds.
Frankly, it’s just a matter of time before something drastic happens along Florida Avenue.
Oh, in addition, I do more of my shopping in Beaumont these days just to avoid the crazies on Florida. I live in East Hemet, so the Ramona Expressway is a lot safer for me.

Thank you.
Robert J. Radesi, Hemet

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