Destination’s New York dinner theatre experience a success

The NYC-themed dinner event coincided with Destination’s one year anniversary

Photos by Rusty Strait/The Valley Chronicle
The house was full with more than 85 dinner guests for Destination Coffee Bar & Bistro’s trip to New York City’s theatre district on May 20.

■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter

George M. Cohan’s 1905 Broadway Hit, “45 Minutes to Broadway” was the perfect musical accompaniment at Destination Coffee Bar and Bistro’s trip by rail to New York City Saturday evening. Saturday The clear blue Hemet skies of day blended into a spectrum of oranges, reds, and purples, ultimately succumbing to the black night sky. The 90-degree temperatures of the day cooled to a pleasant 75-80 by show time.
The monthly destination was the theatre district just off Times Square, and about 85 guests received an introduction to the Great White Way. The dinner also coincided with Destination’s first year anniversary.
“It’s been a great year, and we so appreciate all of our customers,” said Patricia Yepremian, co-owner. “We’re implementing a special summer menu and staying open later; including live music on Friday and Saturday evenings. We’re looking forward to bringing more good entertainment and good times to the community.”
The evening opened with an Italian menu starting off with red and white wines, an Italian antipasto platter, followed by the main course, served family style, consisting of Mama’s baked ziti, rustic chicken parmesan and Sicilian sausage and peppers. Dessert, as always, was a delectable assortment of tiramisu, cannoli and biscotti.
Yepremian proudly joined the audience to watch her son, Alexander, and co-owner, Giovanna Yepremian, perform a variety of hits from Broadway musicals. Selections from “ Gypsy,” “My Fair Lady,” “Nine,” and “Les Miserables” brought 45 minutes of memories to the older people in the crowd, and introduced the younger audience members to music that may stick with them.

Alexander Yepremian entertains the crowd while Krikor Yepremian supervises.

George M. Cohan wrote “45 Minutes to Broadway” for his 1905 hit musical of the same name. Alexander and Gio would have received a standing ovation from Mr. Cohan – theirs was a performance for any audience in any musical era. Golden Era Productions’ Linda Greilich joined in a rip-roaring set, which sent the crowd wild with her awesome vocal register.
Some of the valley’s social set included very visible Hemet Councilwoman Karlee Meyer and husband, Roger; Norm Nottingham and his lovely and sophisticated spouse, Peggy; Muriel Dufresne from Golden Era Productions; The Dallas Miltons, and Matt McPherson with a variety youthful of friends. This was a night of class and culture, as is typical of these monthly events.
As I’ve written here in the past, those who complain that Hemet has nothing of musical value, I can only say they are either, deaf, dumb, blind or glued to the national television news channels. There is plenty to sing and shout about both in downtown Hemet, San Jacinto and on the west end of town where the center of life is moving slowly west, adding to an already abundance of entertainment near State Street and Florida Avenue.
This ain’t your great-grandmother’s retirement city anymore. Entertainment is alive and well with something for everyone’s taste – so get out and enjoy it – the TV will still be there tomorrow. The nights are young…so why aren’t you?
Destination’s next trip is to Texas on June 24. Grab your boots, Stetson and work on your Texas drawl; get ready to climb aboard, y’all.

Just sayin’.

Hemet City Councilwoman Karlee Meyer and her husband, Roger, enjoyed their dinner theatre experience at Destination Coffee Bar & Bistro.

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