When people are too passive to stand up for righteousness

Dear Editor,

Our beautiful city is being overrun by destructive, locally grown outlaws, as well as transplants of felons from other places that have found a home here, making for a lethal combination. Equally pernicious however, is the ring of upstanding citizens, self-appointed bootlickers, who have knowingly or naively partnered with a clumsy police department and city government, privately whispering in its ears and publicly raving enthusiastically about their wonderful performance.
Generally speaking, the criminal element is much like a lower animal that behaves instinctively in his/her path to self-preservation or destruction; with some exceptions of course, but in most cases, resulting from an assortment of adverse birth and social components, so many that the individual cannot control. Be that as it may, the end result here in Hemet is a disproportionate level of criminals that local police are incapable of reducing.
The real problem in Hemet is the abundance of well educated, well informed, nicely dressed individuals, both men and women, with a stake in the city, that instead of being a force for change and correction are nothing more than “second bananas” to an ineffective and inept police department and city council. A very real problem because the majority of these opinion makers are professionals, business owners, members of Hemet’s dominant forces looking out for their best interests while paying lip service to the idea of reducing crime.
These individuals, when faced with incontrovertible statistics that Hemet has a much higher crime rate than other similar size cities in California, and indeed other cities in the country with the same or lesser police resources, maintain that the Hemet City Council and Police Department are doing a great job. These persons are not – as they claim – part of the solution; they are very much part of the problem.
Meanwhile, the average citizen, as usual, is being manipulated by city officials and police in collusion with these hypocritical opinion makers to believe that more taxes are needed instead of devising a plan to reduce crime with available resources.
If and when the taxpaying residents of Hemet decide that enough is enough, and demand an accounting of achievement from the police and city council; if and when the voters understand their crucial role as overseers in the administration of the city and disallow undeserved words of praise heaped upon the City Council and police department for underperforming – then, and only then, will the people be standing up for righteousness.

Gray Wilkins, Hemet

Over regulated and under represented

Dear Editor,

According to Article 1 Section 2 Clause 3, every state is supposed to have two senators and one representative in the House for every 30,000 people. Today, we have 435 congressmen and women representing 320 million people, which equates to approximately one representative for every 700,000 people. If we were following the Constitution, we would have more than 6,000 congressional representatives. All legislative power is vested in the hands of 435 millionaires who are working for the 540 billionaires. If the power of the 435 was shared with more than 6,000 do you think we would be better off?
It is obviously a lot easier for the lobbyists representing the Wall Street Bankers and corporations to control the 435 corrupt politicians who are sequestered in Washington, D.C. than it would be to control more than 6,000 congressional representatives in more than 3,000 counties.

Keith Broaders,

Let’s hope special counsel investigates everyone

Dear Editor,

I hope Special Counsel Robert Mueller will investigate Seth Rich’s murder. Seth worked for the Democratic National Committee, and is suspected to have released some of the DNC emails to Wikileaks. He was shot twice in the back.
I hope Mueller investigates some of the illegal unmasking of Donald Trump’s campaign officials, to see if it implicates the Obama administration in any way.
I hope Mueller also investigates why Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, signed away 20 percent of U.S. uranium to a Russian company, and then received a $145 million donation from Russia to the Clinton Foundation.
Some of these investigations would make up for the wasted time and tax money spent on investigating President Trump’s ties with Russia.
Being a business owner, I recently received about eight separate lengthy forms, sent to me from Riverside County Dept. of Child Support Services, regarding a supposed employee of mine. I previously have sent in paperwork denying this person is an employee. How typical of our government – wasting our tax money!
President Trump is trying to run the government more like a business. No wonder so many people are freaking out! The swamp runs deep, and cleaning up government waste is quite a task!
For me, when I’d like a good laugh, it’s not necessary to watch Saturday Night Live. I just turn on the mainstream media, and get comic relief watching Democratic officials in a frenzy over President Trump. Especially satisfying are senators Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Joseph E. Cagliero, Hemet

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