Damned Teenagers

By Rusty Strait

Who tee-peed the courthouse tree last night?
I saw it this morning on my way to work.
Doesn’t anybody care that it’s an awful sight?
Musta been done by some stupid jerk.
Another one of them Damned Teenagers

I wonder who let the air out of the preacher’s tires.
Did it on Saturday night – left them all four flat.
Same ones I’ll bet that lit them hillside fires.
Now who on earth would do a thing like that?
Another one of them Damned Teenagers

How come the flag’s flying upside down?
Never saw such a sight in all my born days.
Why it’s a disgrace to the whole damned town.
I’d sure like to catch them at their evil ways.
Another one of them Damned Teenagers

Didja see his picture in the daily press?
Why it’s Bobby Jones, don’tcha know.
Ridin’ in style today in full military dress.
Too bad – it’s his funeral – and it had to snow.
Yeah – Just another one of them Damned Teenagers.

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