San Jacinto Valley desperately needs family entertainment

E■ By Corey Evan / Contributed
ntertainment options are so badly limited in our valley. We have a decent selection of places to dine at, that’s fine. We have a decent selection of retail in our valley that I’m OK with as well. But when it comes to things to actually do, we don’t have anywhere NEAR enough things to do.
I like how ours is a quiet place to live. But it can be too quiet, and in fact almost boring around here. Once we’ve skated, bowled, watched the latest movies and gone to the parks a million times, we as human beings tend to want to find something new to do with our free time.
Outlying communities have tons of fresh, exciting entertainment options: Moreno Valley has Round1 and Hangar Trampoline Park, Riverside has Castle Park, Murrieta has Pump it Up, Cathedral City has Boomers!, Palm Springs has Wet ’n Wild, but we don’t really have any of those signature entertainment venues. Hemet Lanes and The Wheelhouse are fine and dandy, but even those aren’t enough. Our valley has more than 125,000 residents, we all wouldn’t all fit under those roofs anyway.
My big thing about going out of town is not limited to the fact that we’re sending sales tax monies to places where we’re not living; even worse on a personal level is the fact that just getting to any of those venues is at least a half-hour drive, more than that on weekends when traffic is at its worst. Forget for a moment that you and the family will be worn out once you’ve played yourselves out, the drive itself can wear you out! I should know – I have often gone out of town to find fun places to take my wife.
If any representative of Boomers! or a major water park operator is reading this, please give our valley a second look. I understand this valley is not necessarily a tourist mecca, but it potentially could be. There’s tons of local history to back that up, just look at the Hemet Railroad Museum and the Ramona Bowl. We may have a low income base, but we also have tons of retirees who have money to spare as well! It’s not just us young people who like to have fun, but our elders and betters too. Until you guys get here, we’ll be waiting…

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