The spider’s Webb just grows and grows

In editorial departments there used to be a saying when a case zigged and zagged and circled about, that “our cat has a long tail.”  Never has that been more true than in the Norman vs. Webb wrongful death lawsuit, referenced elsewhere in this edition of The Valley Chronicle.
Some elements of Hemet City Government have operated in secret for years.  Good old boys and girls getting together, making backroom decisions about the use of taxpayer money that should be clean and aboveboard so the citizens of the community know how their hard-earned funds are being spent.
It is time that all cards are placed face up. The good taxpayers of Hemet are entitled to some answers and it is sad that we have had to use the courts to force the city into revealing what they should in an accountable manner for the people who pay their salaries and perks.
We do not revel in suing the city, but have been left no other choice since ours is the voice of the taxpayers, requesting truth from power.  Hasn’t the city spent enough money on the senseless invasion into a case where we had no business going?
Time and time again we have requested information from the city under the Freedom of Information Act.  Time and time again we have been denied information that the public is entitled to.
Come on Hemet City Government – live up to your obligations and be accountable to the taxpayers. They deserve service from you, not denials.

The Valley Chronicle
Editorial Staff

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