An afternoon in June at Diamond Valley Arts Center

■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter

Recently I attended a Kelsay Books Event at Diamond Valley Arts Center in the Harvard District of downtown Hemet, entitled “An Afternoon in June.” A compilation of poems were recited and commented on by seven or eight different poets, as well as musical selections performed by Ana Bradshaw, Hannah Warren, Chris Formica and Virginia Pritchard.
Peter Davies exhibited a clear sense of poetic humor while hosting the affair. Prior to the first intermission poems were recited by Charlotte Innes, Richard Nester and Robbi Nester, from their respective compilations.
Following the first intermission, Davies introduced Roger Lovett, a fine vocalist with a somewhat Broadway style voice whose renditions of “This is the Moment,” “When You Say You Love Me” and “Corner of the Sky” brought tears to several eyes.
Davies read from John Whitworth’s book, “Joy in the morning,” followed by Anne Tammel, from her book, “Paper Angels” and Vivian Wagner reading from her collection entitled “Paper Angels.”
The second intermission was followed by a “Suite of Flute and Jazz Piano” by Chris Formica and Virginia Pritchard.
Finally Karen Kelsay recited “Amytis Leaves Her Garden,” a selection from her compilations; Karen Greenbaum-Maya presented “The Book of Knots and Their Untying.”
A finale was given by Marianne Smith Johnson from her book, “Tender Collisions.”
Perhaps poetry is not your thing, but with refreshments and attitude I discovered poems that moved me to thought, if not tears, and it served my psyche just fine on a lazy afternoon in June. Perhaps you should take in some of the fine entertainment of music, writing and art at Diamond Valley Arts Council.

Just sayin’.

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