Entertainment options abound in the San Jacinto Valley

Photo courtesy of Rusty Strait
Rusty Strait.

■ Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter

I would like to take issue with a good many of you in the San Jacinto Valley – Hemet, San Jacinto and county residents.
I often sit around in coffee shops sopping up coffee and information while conversing with miscellaneous individuals. One of the most common complaints I hear is “there is no place to go in the valley.” Really?
Diamond Valley Arts Council, Destination Coffee Bar & Bistro, Mt. San Jacinto College Theatre and even Ramona Bowl have all suffered from lack of patrons from time to time this spring and into the summer. Destination cancelled their Texas Barbecue for lack of reservations. Two events I attended at DVAC had many empty seats and tables and Chase Walker’s one night appearance in the Rink Room played to a less than half-filled room.
These have all been class events. In the past you have asked for jazz in the afternoon on weekends – a couple of venues provided jazz. You showed up once and then drifted off. Even karaoke has suffered at times from lack of participants and audience.
I’ve listened to every excuse on earth: “Couldn’t get a sitter,” “too hot in the afternoon,” “don’t drive at night” and yet from daylight to dark and beyond Walmart and a dozen retail stores are doing business. In my opinion, you either don’t know what you want or don’t want to know what’s happening.
While you complain about nothing to do, you sit slumped on your couches and easy chairs watching the news all day and ordering in pizza. Little wonder there is more lard on Florida Avenue than in all the hog farms in Iowa. C’mon folks. Support the San Jacinto Valley entertainment business – get out of the house – have a good time.

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