Certain Hemet developments will continue to pay special public safety tax

T■ Melissa Diaz Hernandez / Reporter
he Hemet City Council unanimously renewed a 2005 Resolution July 11, which authorizes the levy of a special tax in Community Facilities District No. 2005-1 for public safety. The agenda item was not pulled for comment or questions by anyone from the public, city staff or council. The tax is expected to pull in just over half a million dollars annually.
This tax is in addition to the 1 percent general fund sales tax, Measure U, passed in Nov 2016 by voters residing in the city limits of Hemet.
The staff report states, “It is recommended that the City Council acting in its capacity as the legislative body of Community Facilities District (CFD) No. 2005-1 Public Safety Services adopt Resolution Bill No. 17-036 authorizing the levy of a special tax for this district for fiscal year 2017-2018.”
The district was formed to mitigate public safety service impacts created by new development within the city, and allows for the levy and collection of a special tax for the following developments: Frey Peppertree, McSweeny Farms, Stetson Ranch, The Enclave, Willowalk, Autumn Ridge, Provence, Centex Homes, Emerson Ranch, Tres Cerritos, Villa de Madrid and Rancho Diamante.
The base year special tax was set at $269 per developed single-family residence, $217 per developed multi-family residence, and $135 per lot for entitled property. The special tax is adjusted each year by the greater of the annual CPI increase or 3 percent. The special tax rates for the current year and the total number of units are: 1,212 single family residences at $393.10, 87 multi-family residences at $317.10 and 303 entitled lots at $197.28.
The total proposed levy is $563,800.74, according the staff report, and the revenue is deposited into the Public Safety CFD Fund (#234) and is used to pay for Police and Fire Safety Services. Both the revenue and expense are included as part of the City’s FY 2017-18 budget, which, as of the July 11 Hemet City Council meeting, has not been adopted.

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