Congress is a bunch of overpaid spoiled brats

Dear Editor,

There is a new ship, The USS America. This ship is nearing the same destination as the Titanic, minus the iceberg. Trump is at the helm and Congress, the leftists, are trying their hardest to throw Trump overboard.
Congress needs to get their act together. Their actions are making a statement. We need term limits! And along with term limits, there needs to be an age limit, so that we do not have befuddled people in Congressional seats.
As things are today, Congress is a group overpaid, too many perks, too many recesses, spoiled rotten brats. When it comes to draining the swamp, the first plug to pull should be that of Congress.
The next time my Representative and/or Senators are up for election, I am definitely not voting for the current ones.


Nancy Eller

Fox 11 News explains crime wave

Dear Editor,

On Saturday night, July 22, Fox 11 News in Los Angeles explained the California crime wave. Since the passage of prop 47, Jerry Brown’s idea to empty the jails, crime in LA went up 40 percent. It is no longer a felony to steal a gun…so if you find a Hemet cop sleeping, go ahead and steal his gun. You won’t go to jail. You can sell the gun, and if someone uses it in a crime, you won’t go to jail; you are a nuisance, not a criminal who belongs in jail. If you find an unconscious woman, you can rape her. It is NOT A VIOLENT CRIME, at least not according to Jerry Brown.
There was a huge raid recently, prominently announced in Hemet, that was by a task force of many agencies which arrested 47 criminals. Now, guess how many of them will actually spend meaningful time in jail? Not even a handful. Jerry Brown and the ACLU, the “American Criminal Lovers Union,” don’t want them in jail; that is discrimination against people who had a hard life. Neighbors behind me and several others in this area have had their homes broken into, and valuables have been stolen from senior citizens. Those crooks are not in jail and no one in Hemet is safe anymore. NO ONE.
You all were snookered into paying 1 percent more in sales tax to “Keep Hemet Safe.” Well, you are not safe. You are less safe–so much less that the Sierra Dawn Homeowners Association has invited the Hemet Gate Keepers to show up on August 2nd to pitch them on private security. Get this: Hemet is paying the Police Chief $308, 000, and many officers over $200, 000. And to be safer, not SAFE, you should hire private security because the police are not capable of doing their job.
San Jacinto has a fourth of the crime that Hemet has and they have the Riverside County Sheriffs to police the city. Crime is out of control in Hemet, Dave Brown can’t do the job–no matter if they hired five hundred more cops–it is time to contract with Riverside County for crime protection and get rid of the idea that paying a fortune for cops will make you SAFE. It hasn’t, it won’t, and it can’t.

Bracha Sarah Meyerowitcz

Measure U Oversight Committee is doing its job

This letter is in response to one printed in the Opinion section of the July 20 issue of The Valley Chronicle under the headline: “Let things die down ….maybe they’ll forget,” by Emmett Campbell.

There are two points in this letter that need comment:
If any actions by Measure U Oversight Committee members display any conflict of interest, you may be sure that the officers of this committee will immediately and aggressively respond to insure that Measure U funds are not approved for any expense which might be seen as a display of conflict of interest.
Resolution 4731, which spells out the types of expenditures for which Measure U funds will be authorized, specifically states: “Tax proceeds shall be used exclusively to pay for costs associated with the citizens oversight committee… The proceeds of the Tax may be expended on any and all regular and special expenses… including…risk management and legal services in defense of claims and legal actions against the City and public safety personnel…”
These words are directly taken from the above Resolution. At this point in time, the Measure U Oversight committee has no knowledge of any expenditure requested or required for legal fees. The Citizens of Hemet may be assured that the need for such expenditures would be thoroughly investigated by the Committee before approval and then approved only on the basis that such expenditures are within the scope of Resolution 4731.
I respectfully request that Mr. Campbell couch his words in such a way so as to avoid any direct or indirect impression that our Measure U Oversight Committee is not doing its job.

Marie McDonald, Vice-Chair,  Measure U Oversight Committee

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