Monthly comedy show makes valley LOL

Joel Bryant headlined Derby’s monthly Comedy Night June 23

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Hemet local Justin Fox hosts the monthly comedy show at Derby’s.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

In a day and age when there’s a lot to cry about, sometimes you just need a good laugh. Derby’s Bar & Grill understands this, and every month they provide that laugh with ‘Derby’s Comedy Night.’ Friday, June 23 saw a full house, and a great show, hosted by Hemet local Justin Fox.
In case you missed it, here’s a sample of the LOL-worthy material presented:
Patrick Collins said his complaints about his height are over, now that he’s met Fox: “This is the first place I haven’t had to reach up to grab this friggin’ mic. It’s perfect; I’m usually the shortest guy at every show I do, and I love this height now.”
Jeremy Wian seconds that, based on Justin’s privileges: “I’m only a few inches taller than Justin… I am envious of Justin, by the way. Justin not only is a cool-@** dude, he’s a funny guy, but also he got a handicap parking pass too! [The height] to get a handicap parking pass is 4’10” and under… I’m 5’! I missed my chance to park wherever I want by two inches!”
Michael ‘V’ talked about being 100 percent Italian and his east coast origins, before combing the audience to locate his fellow Italians and east coasters… he was also on the lookout for Armenians, too.
All these warm-up acts built up the crowd for headliner Joel Bryant, who talked about why he doesn’t trust the news these days by relating a top story he watched on the 11 o’clock news: “The anchor goes on and he goes, ‘The coast guard has issued a warning that sharks have been spotted in the ocean waters off the coast of Santa Barbara.’ I was drinking a little bit, but even then I said, ‘That’s not news! That’s where sharks are supposed to be!’”
And in between routines, Fox provided some laughs too: He often makes jokes about being short, and how he’s learned to enjoy the view from below. He also shows off the occasional dance move, like flopping on the floor like a fish. “When I come out and perform, I make fun of myself because I know that people already do that!” said Fox.
Fox hopes that by hosting the monthly show at the Derby and expressing himself through comedy that he can change the public’s attitude toward individuals who look or act ‘different.’
“No matter what size you are, you’re able to do whatever… No matter what difference you come from, you’re a person!” said Fox.
If reading this lowdown has whet your appetite for comedy, there will be another Comedy Night at Derby’s on Friday, July 28. You can get discount vouchers and also view other upcoming events at Derby’s Bar & Grill on

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