LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – August 3rd, 2017

Just how long were the criminals off the street?

Dear Editor,

I love your continued reporting on the status of policing in Hemet. I see Chief Brown is retiring, and will probably collect close to full salary, and find another lucrative job.
I would appreciate you investigating the real story about Operation Valley Vigilance. Although it sounds great that they arrested a lot of people, I suspect most of them were put back on the streets within hours. The California criminal justice system doesn’t like to put criminals in jail. It would be very revealing if you investigated what happened with each person arrested.
It might show they spent a lot of taxpayer resources to take criminals off the street for just a few hours.


Ken Wolfe, Hemet

Scholarship postcards waste of taxpayer money

Dear Editor,

I recently received an 11×6-inch glossy finished, full color postcard from Hemet Unified School District. The intent of sending this card out to the citizens of Hemet was to notify us as to the many scholarships earned by the Class of 2017.
This notification was sent out to probably at least 30,000 households within the city. I would like to thank the Hemet Unified employee who thought of this grand idea to spend so much of our tax dollars to actually print and post this “wonderful” information. I don’t know what I would have done without it.
I would also like to thank the administrator who approved this unnecessary expenditure of funds. It will help me make a better decision on the next school bond issue. I now know that the system does not need money, if it can waste it on things like the recent junk mail I received.


Allan Webb, Hemet

Great article on genealogy classes – now work on your autobiography

Dear Ray:

First let me begin by apologizing for taking so long to get back to you and thank you for the wonderful article in The Chronicle about having genealogy at the Hemet Library beginning in September. The “power of the press” is not to be underestimated and your article reached lots of valley residents and for that I wish to tell you many, many thanks. In fact, it must be very gratifying to know how many people read your column as I was very busy the day after the article appeared in the paper. I got lots of emails asking to be signed up for the class and the library took quite a few requests as well.
I thought the article was brilliantly written and had just the right amount of humor and information. The way you took your earlier days working in undertaking and transposed that to my work in genealogy was really smart and the humor in the article, including the poem “Suzy Lee” was great.
Again, thank you so much for getting the word out to the valley residents – those who are interested can now learn how to do their family history. I owe you a big debt of gratitude for the article you wrote as it just about guaranteed my genealogy class will be filled.
Lastly, Ray, as a personal note, you are a terrific writer. From what I know of your life experiences, I still would encourage you to take that incredible writing skill that you have and work on your autobiography. Your sense of humor, mixed with all that you have seen and done in your lifetime, would make a wonderful book.
For a long-time resident of the valley to not leave the community with his life story so that it could go in our public library would be a shame. I do strongly encourage you to write about yourself as I think you are truly an amazing guy. Again, many thanks for the fine job on the genealogy article. I look forward to seeing and talking to you again sometime. Please know that I never miss an issue of the paper because I look for the Strait On article first. Keep up the good work!!
Larry Bowles, Hemet

President Trump needs to act presidential

Dear Editor,

It becomes more obvious every day that President Trump is disliked by many. His not being a polished politician is just one of many things people find unacceptable. Here is a list of suggestions that I believe would be beneficial to President Trump:
1. Close your Twitter account.
2. Stop having to get the last word.
3. Get that grumpy look off your face.
4. Get that smug look off too.
5. Let someone polish you up a bit without making you a polished politician
6. Stop coming across as a braggart. This would include decreasing the use of the pronouns “I” and “me.”
Many of you out there will not admit to President Trump having accomplished several things since he has been in office.
Getting the Republicans as well as the Democrats to work with him hasn’t happened…yet. All sides (Congress, political parties, White House staff, etc.) need to come together to restore what America once was and should be.
Remember while many, many of you are preoccupied with mundane thinking and acting, the enemies are and have been working. America certainly does not need another 911 or any other act of terrorism. Please start working together to get the car in Drive instead of leaving it in Park.


Nancy Eller, Hemet

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