LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – August 10, 2017

Ditch rich bureaucratic pensions – invest in 401(k) like the rest of us

Dear Editor,

I cannot count the number of articles I’ve read in various newspapers about a city’s budget problems. The one issue that seems to be a big part of the problem across the board is pensions. It’s been repeated city after city. It certainly is a problem for the state of California as well.

It would seem to me that perhaps CalPERS and its ilk should be shut down and employees become vested in 401(k) programs. That’s the option the rest of us have. I invested in my own retirement. My rate of return went up and down according to the market. No one promised me a guaranteed rate of return. And the taxpayers were not required to make up the difference between the rate I earned and a promised rate.

I have to ask myself how much the taxpayers can support. We are not an endless supply of money for the pensions doled out by politicians beholden to unions. That includes our fair city. I recognize that the police and firefighters put their lives on the line when they are out on call. Do they deserve a huge pension? Maybe. Maybe not. But I think it’s safe to say the other city/county employees do NOT put themselves at risk. Do they deserve a big pension? Only if they invest in a 401(k) and earn it.

Time to line up with REALITY.

Penny Beaulieu, Hemet

California is a totalitarian state

Dear Editor,

California is essentially a one-party state – there is no opposition to the dominant party, PERIOD!
Russia, in the past, and some other less than desirable countries, live under this system, which is called totalitarianism. A very scary word (just look it up in the dictionary!).
California has reached this state. We have NO checks and balances! My way or the highway and no room for the normal balance of power. I have a question for my fellow citizens: Is this the form of government most Californians want to live under?
I believe more and more of our state’s residents will follow the mass exodus to more balanced parts of our nation!

Sincerely yours,
Pete Kohl, Hemet

GOP – get your act together!

Dear Editors,

The Republican Party had best get its act together. According to an email I received, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed has already declared his intention of running for Governor of Michigan on the Democratic ticket.
He was born in the United States. His education was promoted and paid for by George Soros. He is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood.
In 2020 he will be eligible to run for president. The Democrats’ mouths are watering. It is known that the Democratic Party plans ahead by selecting a potential candidate and priming them.
Do you want to endure another eight years of an (admitted) Muslim as president? Can America handle this should it happen?
Simply stated, the Republicans in Congress need to get off their butts, work with President Trump AND get moving on priming a Republican candidate for the 2020 election. Pulling away from instead of working with President Trump is just what the Democrats want so, why do that? The future of America is at Stake. Pray, pray and pray again.

Nancy Eller, Hemet

Thanks for such an educational newspaper

Dear Editor,

Not every day something is read cover to cover like we read your newspaper. We really find it educational with regard to cap and trade, entertainment, everybody complaining about our Hemet water bills, etc.

We really, really appreciate the updates on State Audit of Hemet. Scary though!

Sue Savage, Hemet

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