Tigers warm up their paws

San Jacinto High School’s football team scrimmages against Valley View High

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
The Tigers scrimmage against the Valley View Eagles, in red, on Aug. 18. This meet gives each team an idea where improvements can be made before the season starts.

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

With the first games of the season just around the corner, valley footballers have been hitting the gridiron hard and fast to get ready. The first important test of their readiness takes place the Friday before the first coin-toss in a meet known as scrimmage. Our coverage of scrimmage this year takes us to San Jacinto High School, as they faced an All-American onslaught from Moreno Valley’s Valley View Eagles on Friday, Aug. 18. Hundreds of fellow Tigers came to show those Eagle fans present just how deep Tiger blood runs.
Scrimmage is essentially a stress-test with constructive feedback. The two teams meet on the field to practice plays the individual teams have been running on their own.
“Trying to get us ready for the regular season,” said San Jacinto coach Aric Galiano. “[Scrimmage] gives us a chance to go against somebody other than ourselves, give us some practice. Gives us a different look defensively, and try to prepare us for what we’ll see come season time.”
Based on how each team performs on the field, the other gives them a better idea of how to anticipate what moves and strategies their season competition will throw at them. There are no points or wins/losses involved in this meet; it’s just plays tried, opponents tackled, feedback given and handshakes exchanged between Galliano and Valley View coach Daniel Barlage.
So, did the Tigers prove ready for their first fight against the Temecula Valley Golden Bears tomorrow? Galliano says not quite… but they’re getting there.
“We have a lot of things that we need to fix,” said Galliano, “but I think we’re moving in the right direction.”
The SJ Tigers and the Valley View Eagles don’t play each other during the season, but they can consider each other their best pre-season consultants.
“We’ve been scrimmaging them for the past four years; we’ve been going back and forth battling,”Galliano. “It’s a good chance for us to see what we can do against a quality opponent.”
The Valley Chronicle’s 2017 Football Season coverage begins at San Jacinto tomorrow as the Tigers go up against the Temecula Valley Golden Bears. Don’t miss our coverage this season – subscribe today and we’ll deliver you a touchdown… as these boys score them.

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