Thank you San Jacinto Valley

A■ Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter
year ago The Valley Chronicle was not the most popular read in the San Jacinto Valley. Today, we proudly announce that we are the most popular and well-read local paper in or around the valley.
We have strived to be a community newspaper, concentrating on our local government, social activities and current affairs that have an effect on all the citizens hereabouts.
The citizens have rewarded us for our coverage of the homeless situation, crime, drugs, traffic, schools, sports, entertainment and city government. We have gone where others either fear or don’t care to tread. We are fearless when it comes to coverage of subjects important to our community and will delve high and low to root out corruption where it exists and praise those who do the right thing. Even some of those who were totally against us have come around.
Not only have our naysayers come around, advertising is up, and our circulation is increasing on a weekly basis.
We write and advertise for you, the San Jacinto Valley citizens and taxpayers. You have repaid us two-fold and we extend our total thanks to the people who believe we are the only local paper and that we have your welfare as our first priority.
Rusty Strait, for the ownership and staff of your Valley Chronicle.

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