LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – Sep. 21st, 2017

Kerfuffle at Karlee’s Coffee a complete shame

Dear Editor,

Regarding last week’s Opinion piece by Rusty Strait, “Kerfuffle at Coffee with Karlee,” no city meetings should be held at Downtown Deli. These are public meetings and unless you are a threat or disruptive you have every right to attend. I’m surprised and ashamed of Mr. Covington’s behavior and really, he sent a waitress out to tell her……..what a mature man.
If my brothers had done that, my dad would have smacked them up the side of the head and made them apologize to the police, the speaker and the individual that they publicly humiliated. Hemet is bad enough without our business leaders having no common sense or grace.
I do enjoy the food and the atmosphere of the deli and that the employees are great. That being said, public meetings are open to all on neutral territory with everyone having a chance to express their concerns and everyone behaving as adults should.

Charley McMillan, Hemet

Family-friendly films needed at theaters

Dear Editor,

Anybody out there besides my husband and me who would like to see a movie that is not rated “R” where violence, sexuality, nudity, and language are factors?  We are tired of these kinds of movies being the only new ones out.
And why are some theaters showing the same film(s) many weeks past their debut?
And we wonder why our country and the younger generation are headed in the direction they are? Where did all this knowledge of gutter language, nudity, displays of violence come from? Look at the movies; look at the video games available as playing a big part into what is happening.
More movies like “God’s Not Dead,” or musicals and movies about family life would be nice.

Nancy Eller, Hemet

Wish list for Hemet shopping

Dear Editor,

Your recent question of the week got me to thinking about what I’d like to see in Hemet. The list I’m submitting is in no particular order: housing developments for getting added labor to work, a distribution center for online shopping, Borders book store, Home Goods, Nordstroms Rack, Trader Joe’s, Costco or Sam’s Club.
I’m sure most of these are unrealistic but you asked and these are my suggestions. Thanks for at least asking the question; I hope you get more than my response.

Michael Higgenbotham, Hemet

Hemet Valley Medical Center took great care of me

Dear Editor,

Last week, I had the pleasure of going to Hemet Valley Medical Center by ambulance. The paramedics were very good and kind. My care at the emergency room by my nurse and doctor was good. I had several doctors checking on me. I received blood workups, a chest X-ray and a CT scan.
I was told what they found and that I would be kept overnight for observation.  I was sent up to my room that first night and there I met David, my night nurse. More blood work and another doctor who was on call. The next day the day nurse, Jennifer, came in and she took over. I will tell you that she made sure all of my lab work was done, that I received physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and that I took my pills – she was like a mother hen. I had several residents in training plus a new doctor every day.
In all I ended up staying three days. I am very happy to tell you that I was very impressed by my care and the kindness of the staff. I am so glad that Hemet Valley Medical Center is a medical teaching facility now. We who live in Hemet and the surrounding areas are getting great care. Thanks.

Mary Metz, Hemet

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